Welcome to Fusion CX

Welcome to Fusion CX

Boost Your Bottomline with Right-Shoring Customer Support Outsourcing in Europe, the Middle East, & Asia

The customer experience management market in the EMEA region is experiencing exponential growth as more companies opt for onshore and nearshore outsourcing. With more European and Middle Eastern companies choosing to outsource their non-core operations and customer communication services to contact centers in EMEA, the outsourcing industry in this region is gaining acceleration.

According to recent reports, the European BPO market is growing and expected to reach USD 22.55 billion by 2024, whereas the BPO market in the Middle East is expected to reach USD 5.89 billion by the same year. The CAGR of the European BPO market for the forecast period of 2022-2029 is 7.6%. It goes to show that the EMEA region is slowly becoming a popular outsourcing destination for companies in surrounding countries and other global locations. Contact center companies in Europe can cater to a wide and varied customer base with end-to-end tech-driven CX solution delivery and also offer its clients a significant cost advantage.

As a rapidly growing call center in Europe and Middle East Asia, Fusion CX can help your business cater to a large multilingual customer base and drive superior outcomes in terms of customer experience and revenue. Our contact centers in the EMEA region tap into the large talent pool of Africa and the Balkan region, using the latest technology and infrastructure to deliver CXM solutions that blend innovation with human interaction to drive customer loyalty and revenue.


Our Locations in the EMEA Region


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    Skilled Labor

    The EMEA region is home to a growing population of skilled specialists that outsourcing providers can easily employ and train. Hence, only talented, skilled, and professional experts handle your customer engagements.

    Language Compatibility

    Most European people have a high proficiency rate in both written and spoken English, which enables effective communication and efficient partnerships, eliminating misunderstandings due to language barriers.

    Surging Labour Market

    Central and Eastern European job markets have been witnessing an ever-increasing availability of talented professionals for BPO companies, thereby creating a surging labor market and reducing overhead costs.


    Large labor markets and talented resources have caused the region to become highly innovative. Our contact center in Middle East Asia utilizes these talents to provide innovative and personalized solutions to your business.

    Cost Efficiency

    The main aim of outsourcing customer support responsibilities is to reduce operating costs without compromising the quality of service deliveries. Our cost-efficient solutions will help you improve outcomes for better productivity.