Personalized Customer Experience Management for Financial Companies & Banking Institutions

In recent times, banking institutions and financial corporations have been forced to commit to ongoing technological advancements within their operational frameworks or lose their competitive advantage to challenger banks & other firms.

Fusion CX has been outsourcing financial services to capital firms, helping them manage risks and achieve sustainable business practices despite ever-increasing customer expectations and the massive-scale digitalization of business processes.

With Fusion CX, You Get More Than A Vendor – You Get A Strategic Partner

With a customer-first approach, we enable banks and capital firms to improve operational outcomes and evolve into sustainable businesses for the future. This requires much more than mere digital transformation, with businesses having to adapt to the constantly-changing industry landscape.

Innovation and customer-centricity form the crux of everything we do at Fusion CX, empowering businesses to become even more transformative, agile, and intelligent in their service deliveries. Additionally, our outsourcing banking services include continued data accumulation & processing, heightened compliance management, risk management & security, and evolving workforce management solutions.


Customer Service

Our expansive global presence and massive workforce enable us to deliver 24X7 customer support in 40+ international and regional languages. From general inquiries from prospective customers to account closures of existing customers, our comprehensive customer experience management for financial companies will ensure superior support for your customers at every touchpoint.

Complaint Management

With our extensive customer experience management for banking service providers, we ensure that each customer complaint is registered and followed to a conclusion with supreme urgency. Our primary objective is to deliver first-contact resolutions for most complaints and ensure speedy resolutions for those we can’t. This transforms the not-so-good experiences into superior customer experiences.

Underwriting & Compliance Management

Our team of skilled and efficient financial underwriters helps you evaluate every little aspect of insurance proposals and loan applications. With the help of our specialized software and a highly efficient and accurate data management system, capital firms will have a clear assessment of all the risks associated with potential loan approvals.

Customer Acquisition

Fusion CX’s unique blend of customer-focused practices and managed services help financial companies access the best resources according to desired customer profiles. Our lead generation and customer acquisition for financial service providers include outbound campaigns across multiple channels to orchestrate maximized outreach.


Tech Support



Ensured Business


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    What kind of customer experience management for financial companies can be outsourced?

    A broad range of financial services can be outsourced today to prominent Customer experience management for Banking service providers. We run customer acquisition for financial services institutions such as -wealth management, investment banking, commercial banking, and much more. Our services include but are not limited to, accounts receivable and payable management, financial reporting, loan closing, funding, financial planning and analysis, bookkeeping, bad debt recovery, credit card operations, customer service, claim processing, portfolio administration, reputation management, FinTech advisor support, controller services, fraud prevention, and collection services.

    What are the risks of outsourcing financial services?

    Along with many advantages, outsourcing banking services brings several risks like reputation management risks, privacy law, compliance risks, strategic risks, technology failure, risk of data loss, and errors in operations due to a partial understanding of complex financial services. That is why you need to opt for customer experience management for Banking service providers that have the experience, expertise, infrastructure, and technology to mitigate these risks and deliver superior customer support.

    What are the benefits of outsourcing financial services?

    ● Saving time
    ● Getting expert assistance
    ● Keeping your business updated with current policies and the latest technology
    ● Flexible and scalable resources
    ● Secure and confidential services
    ● 24/7 financial services BPM support
    ● Custom financial CXM solution for banking, investment banks, and wealth management companies.

    Besides these, you can also free your staff from tedious non-core tasks and focus on improving your core offerings, ensuring better revenue and business success.

    Why should I outsource customer experience management for financial companies to Fusion CX?

    You should outsource customer experience management for Banking service providers for your banking, investment banking, or wealth management financial services business to Fusion CX because we are a multi-location, multilingual and omnichannel BPM company capable of catering to all your outsourcing needs. Our financial services CX operates from 27 locations in 14 countries. We are compliant with PCI-DSS for added data security. It allows us to offer a highly secure, compliant, and superior CX.

    What makes Fusion CX a better choice as a financial BPM provider?

    Fusion CX always aims to deliver excellence through its 27 locations spread across the United States, UK, Albania, Morocco, India, Philippines, Colombia, Canada, El Salvador, and Jamaica. When outsourcing financial services, we offer personalized customer solutions with AI-driven Technologies. Moreover, we collect and analyze data in real-time and comply with data protection laws. Besides, we have over 33 years of experience in customer service and, therefore, can deliver superior customer service.

    Can Fusion CX provide a custom BPM solution that caters to my unique business needs?

    At Fusion CX, we understand that every business has some unique business needs. Our flexible and scalable customer acquisition for financial services can accommodate your business needs and offer the just-right solution for your business. Our customer experience management for financial companies can also help you deliver a personalized CX to your customers, ensuring better retention, growth, and success.