Onshore Customer
Experience Services
From the best
in the USA

Onshore Customer
Experience Services
From the best
in the USA

Boost Your Customer Satisfaction Scores with a Trusted CX Services Provider

Elevate Your Business with Fusion CX: The Ultimate US-Based Call Center Provider

Transforming Customer Experience with Advanced AI and ML Solutions

In today’s fast-paced business environment, delivering exceptional customer service is a competitive advantage. Fusion CX leads the way in customer experience transformation, offering cutting-edge call center services that leverage the latest in AI and machine learning technology. As the premier US-based call center services provider, we drive superior customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

Fusion CX is not just another call center; we are your strategic partner in customer experience innovation. With a robust presence in the USA, our state-of-the-art call centers are designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses, ensuring top-notch quality, efficiency, and agility in every customer interaction.

Benefits of Choosing Fusion CX

Leading-edge technology and Skilled Workforce

Thanks to its advanced technology and skilled workforce, the USA is a global leader in call center operations. Partnering with Fusion CX allows you to leverage these advantages, providing your business with unmatched service quality.

Comprehensive CX Solutions

Our four strategically located call centers across the USA offer seamless domestic and international customer experience management. We provide scalable teams of experienced agents supported by advanced infrastructure and robust data security frameworks. Our services are available in multiple languages, including English and Spanish, ensuring your customers receive the highest level of service.

AI and Machine Learning Integration

Fusion CX utilizes AI and ML to enhance every aspect of customer interaction. From intelligent chatbots to predictive analytics, our technology ensures efficient and personalized service, improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Exceptional Customer Support

Fusion CX delivers cutting-edge customer support services tailored to various industry verticals. Our scalable teams of experienced agents, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and robust data security frameworks enable us to provide cost-effective, multilingual support.

Comprehensive Training and Quality Assurance

Our comprehensive training programs and rigorous quality assurance protocols prepare our teams to exceed your business objectives. We focus on continuous improvement and excellence in every interaction.

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing US-based Call Center?

Call centers in the USA combine customer service best practices with personalized communications through their inbound and outbound contact center services. As more companies are now outsourcing their call center services to provide effortless communication to their customers, here are some of the prime benefits of call centers in the US for every business.

  • Superior Technology: Advanced AI and ML solutions for enhanced customer interactions.
  • Expert Staffing: Highly trained, scalable teams providing round-the-clock support.
  • Cost Efficiency: Significant cost savings without the challenges of hiring and retention.
  • Multilingual Support: Services available in over 40 languages, including English and Spanish.
  • Seamless Omnichannel Communication: Consistent, high-quality service across voice, chat, email, and social media platforms.
  • Robust Data Security: Industry-leading data protection and compliance standards.


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    Inbound & Outbound Customer Engagement

    We provide cutting-edge inbound and outbound customer service with our American call center, equipped with a team of call center agents with proven expertise and excellent skills. The incoming customer inquiries, sales-related requests, and all outbound communication for sales, market research, surveys, etc. can all be successfully handled by these representatives.

    Voice & Non-Voice Customer Support

    We provide high-quality customer engagement across communication channels through our US-based call centers, which comprise voice-based and non-voice-based customer service. We can equally handle all forms of contact, whether your customers choose to speak verbally with a person or communicate with them through text and chats.

    Multilingual Communications in 40+ Global Languages

    Fusion CX has the potential to provide customer communications in more than 40 international and local languages while leveraging high-end infrastructure and highly diversified workforce. We specialize in customer care outsourcing in the US in both English and Spanish, which enables you to better cater to your customers in their native languages.

    Omnichannel Support

    Our ability to provide call center services applies to a variety of communication channels, including calls, texts, IMs, web chat, social media, and email etc. As a result, our companies can interact with customers in a personalized way and provide help through the channels that their clients choose.

    Appointment Scheduling & Management

    Premium appointment scheduling and management services are part of Fusion CX's extensive list of call centre services offered to American clients. You won't ever have to worry about missed appointments or no-shows thanks to our call center outsourcing in the United States, which guarantees that your company's resources are utilized to the fullest for increased productivity and profitability.

    Tech Support

    For better customer experience (CX) management, we assist software firms and technology developers in ensuring efficient and effective contact with their clients. Brands will be able to make sure that their customers are constantly given correct and up-to-date information about the technical elements of their products and services thanks to our call center outsourcing in the USA.

    100% Quality Assurance

    Our US based call center services include 100% quality assurance for all customer communications across multiple channels to ensure superior engagements with customers. This helps our clients ensure cost-effective, strategic, timely, and customer-centric quality control over customer engagements for valuable insights about customers, products, processes, etc.

    Digital Solutions

    As a premier call center in the USA, Fusion CX also specializes in a number of digital solutions that help businesses automate operations and business-critical functions within the company. Our digital solutions have helped our clients improve their operational outcomes significantly while also reducing their operational expenses across the board, improving profitability massively.

    Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

    We specialize in the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance industries as a multichannel, multilingual call center in the United States with over 33 years of experience in the field. We provide strong and reasonably priced service via voice, live chat, email, and social media channels.

    Retail & Ecommerce

    With highly personalized customer care that improves customer experiences and fosters brand loyalty, we assist retail and ecommerce business in meeting the needs of their customers with our call center services in the United States. Our customer-focused call center solutions are guaranteed to deliver a 'wow' experience leading to a high- quality sales performance.


    We believe that customer satisfaction is key to business success. Our goal is to provide a quality, personalized customer service experience for the telecom industry that will help you stand out from the crowd and grow your business. With a comprehensive range of BPO services, such as customer support, billing assistance & payments, etc., we assist telecom companies in realizing the full potential of their value chain.

    Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

    We offer highly efficient customer engagement solutions for the travel, tourism & hospitality industry that helps you connect with your customers anytime, anywhere with our multilingual and omnichannel flexibility. As a top call center in the USA, we have helped several renowned brands to deliver superior customer interactions and build long-term relationships resulting in improve business efficiency and higher sales revenue.


    At Fusion CX, we understand that each patient has a unique requirement and so is their journey to better health. Our HIPAA-compliant call centers in USA are established to serve the healthcare industry and deliver a superior patient experience to provide a seamless management of resolving patient queries. With our USA-based call centers, you can rest assured that your business is being taken care of by our highly trained customer support staff.


    We have established a track record as a customer-focused contact center service provider catering to brands in high-tech domain, including Fintech, EdTech, startups, software developers, and so on. Every customer interaction is given top priority by our American call center, which guarantees quick responses to any complex inquiries.

    Energy & Utility

    Our call center services in the US help businesses in this energy & utility industry to get ahead of the curve by providing them with state-of-the-art infrastructure and innovative technology. This will empower Utility companies to maximize their call center services in the US and deliver best-in-class CX.


    4877 Higbee Ave NW, 2nd Floor, Canton, OH 44718
    Backed by a competent support team of experience call center representatives, our center in Ohio caters to various business verticals. We help our clients to take their business to the next level by exploring new opportunities with our wide range of call center services in the US. Our outsourcing services includes both voice and non-voice based services to deliver superior customer experience (X) management to a variety of industry verticals.


    791 Park of Commerce Blvd Boca Raton, FL 33487
    We serve clients from a variety of industries as one of the top call centers in the US, including, steel manufacturing, banking, agriculture, and research and development. Over time, Fusion CX has built a reputation as a call center operating in the USA that provides excellent customer satisfaction.


    4775 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Suite 310, Berkeley Lake, Georgia 30092
    We are proud to serve an esteemed clientele through outsourcing inbound and outbound services that includes big names across industries. Our call center outsourcing services in Georgia are known for delivering customized solutions that ensure satisfactory results and reasonable pricing, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction and CXM.


    515 Oakland Road Spindale, North Carolina – 28160
    We serve clients from within the country and beyond from our offices in North Carolina, providing best-in-class call center outsourcing in the US. Our contact center solutions are tailored to fit the demands of businesses belonging to various industries, and our call center in the United States offers excellent multilingual & omnichannel customer assistance.


    Why should I outsource my call center services to the United States?

    Outsourcing call center services to the United States can provide several benefits, including access to a large pool of skilled agents, English proficiency, cultural compatibility, familiarity with the U.S. market, time zone advantages, and a strong customer service culture.

    Are call center services in the United States available 24/7?

    Yes, many call centers in the United States offer 24/7 support to ensure round-the-clock availability for customers. This includes handling customer inquiries, technical support, and emergency assistance at any time of the day or night.

    How can a call center in the United States improve customer satisfaction?

    Call centers in the United States focus on providing excellent customer service by employing trained agents with strong communication skills, implementing efficient call routing systems, monitoring and analyzing call quality, implementing customer feedback mechanisms, and continuously improving processes to enhance the overall customer experience.

    Can a call center in the United States handle multilingual support?

    Yes, many call centers in the United States offer multilingual support services to cater to diverse customer needs. They can provide customer assistance in multiple languages, ensuring effective communication and support for customers from different linguistic backgrounds.

    How do call centers in the United States ensure data security and privacy?

    Reputable call centers like Fusion CX in the United States implement robust security measures to protect customer data and ensure privacy. This includes employing encryption techniques, implementing access controls, complying with industry regulations (such as GDPR and HIPAA), and conducting regular security audits.

    How can I measure the performance of a call center in the United States?

    Key performance indicators (KPIs) commonly used to measure call center performance in the US include average response time, call abandonment rate, first call resolution rate, customer satisfaction scores, agent productivity, and service level agreement (SLA) compliance.

    What are the costs associated with call center services in the United States?

    The costs of call center services in the United States can vary depending on factors such as the volume of calls, the complexity of services required, the level of specialization needed, and the location of the call center.

    Why should you choose Fusion CX as your preferred US-based call center partner?

    While several aspects make Fusion CX a far better choice than many other BPO companies in the US, our most attractive feature is our vast international network of call centers and our massive global resources. With a culturally diverse workforce, we can ensure multilingual and omnichannel customer communications for our clients and their global customers. By choosing Fusion CX’s US-based call center as your customer engagement partner, you can ensure consistent customer support and deliver superior customer experiences across the board. This will boost your customer retention and increase revenue generation, ensuring profitable returns on your investment in a call center in the US.