Comprehensive Debt Resolution Solutions from Client Acquisition to Settlement Closure and Beyond

Navigate the complexities of debt resolution with Fusion CX as your trusted partner. Our integrated suite of debt resolution services is meticulously designed to streamline every phase of the debt resolution process—from initial lead contact to the final agreement, as well as post-contract servicing functions like customer service, negotiations, and back-office transactions. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and deep industry expertise, our solutions enhance operational speed, ensure regulatory compliance, and significantly improve both creditor and client satisfaction. Partner with us to transform your business processes and achieve exceptional results.


Lead Generation: Opening and Closing

  • Lead Acquisition: Our openers use advanced analytics, targeted marketing strategies, and compliant telemarketing methods to identify and engage potential leads that match your ideal customer profile, ensuring high-quality lead validation.
  • Lead Conversion: Our closers are trained in financial analysis and persuasive communication, effectively turning prospects into committed clients through tailored conversations that address specific financial needs.

Post-Settlement Servicing

  • Customer Service: Our highly trained representatives can respond to customer inquiries via phone calls, emails, live chat, or social media. We resolve customer issues or complaints efficiently and effectively to ensure high customer satisfaction. AI-based intelligent assistants are deployed to enhance their productivity and performance.
  • Back-Office Transactions: We expeditiously and accurately carry out various back-office tasks in the post-settlement phase.

Underwriting and Compliance

  • Rigorous Verification: Every document is thoroughly checked for accuracy and completeness using automated tools combined with expert oversight, minimizing errors and expediting the account opening process.
  • Detailed Underwriting Process:Our underwriting team precisely evaluates financial details to assess credit risk and set suitable credit limits and terms, ensuring financial stability and risk mitigation for sustained business health.
  • Compliance Assurance: We stay current with the latest regulatory requirements to ensure compliance and safeguard your operations against legal risks.

Negotiation and Settlement

  • Strategic Negotiations: Our team comprises seasoned negotiators who will effectively negotiate with lenders to reduce debt amounts, ensuring your clients receive the best possible settlement outcomes.
  • Efficient Closure Processes: We prioritize swift, decisive action to close settlements, reducing the time from negotiation to agreement and increasing the throughput of successfully resolved cases.

Loan Services

Origination and Servicing

  • Origination: Our customer service agents provide all origination services, starting with lead verification, initial contact with prospective borrowers, inquiry handling, application assistance, document collection and verification, and loan closing assistance.
  • Servicing: Once the loan has closed and is funded, the agents address inquiries related to loan servicing, repayment options, account management, and any other post-closing concerns that borrowers may have.

Debt Collections

  • Improved Collections Through First-Party Collections Services: When loan payments become outstanding, we act as an extension of your firm and communicate with your customers in the company's brand voice. We handle all collections-related dynamics and focus on the core business. We adhere to regulations and industry standards. As a leading first-party debt collection agency, customer service and satisfaction are the final stages of our customer lifecycle.


Tech Support



Ensured Business

man-machine solutions



Omni-Channel Communications:

Offer a unified communication experience across all customer touchpoints. Whether through voice, chat, email, SMS, or social media, our omnichannel approach ensures consistency and quality, enabling you to engage with clients on their preferred platforms without losing context or history.


Deliver human-like interactions with our generative AI-powered chatbot so you can resolve queries faster and capture more customers.

AI-Powered Lead Scoring:

Leverage artificial intelligence to score and prioritize leads based on their conversion likelihood, optimizing your marketing spend and resource allocation.

Automated Document Management:

Employ state-of-the-art automation technologies to manage documents efficiently, reducing human intervention and associated errors.



Engage Efficiently:

We target and connect with potential leads using highly refined strategies that ensure high engagement and conversion rates.

Verify Thoroughly:

Our comprehensive underwriting and verification system guarantees accuracy and speeds up the preparation for underwriting.

Finance Strategically:

Integrate custom financial solutions to support your settlement strategies, ensuring financial fluidity and compliance.

Negotiate Effectively:

Use expert negotiators who ensure favorable settlements are executed swiftly, benefiting all parties involved.

debt resolution



debt resolution benefits
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Streamline your workflow from lead generation to capture to closure, reducing time and cost while increasing throughput and reducing customer onboarding time by 40%.
  • Cost Savings: Optimize your customer service operations with process automation and global delivery models, reducing operational costs by up to 40%.
  • Robust Compliance Framework: Stay compliant with evolving regulations through our proactive compliance updates and auditing mechanisms.
  • Superior Client Outcomes: Deliver better financial outcomes through strategic debt reductions and efficient settlement processes, enhancing client trust and satisfaction.
  • Advanced Automation with MindSpeech, MindVoice, and Workspace QMS: MindSpeech harmonizes voice accents, enhances multilingual speaker comprehension, and reduces noise in real-time phone calls. MindVoice provides automated voice agents for standardized call workflows, improving efficiency and consistency. Workspace QMS automates QA functions, enhancing quality and empowering decisions.



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    How does Fusion CX manage lead generation for debt resolution services?

    Fusion CX uses advanced analytics, targeted marketing strategies, and compliant telemarketing methods to identify and engage potential leads. Our lead generation services include acquisition and conversion, ensuring high-quality lead validation and effective client onboarding.

    What post-settlement services does Fusion CX provide for debt resolution?

    Fusion CX offers comprehensive post-settlement services, including customer service, back-office transactions, and ongoing account management. Our representatives handle customer inquiries across multiple channels, resolve issues efficiently, and use AI-based assistants to enhance productivity and performance.

    How does Fusion CX ensure compliance and accuracy in debt resolution?

    Fusion CX employs rigorous verification processes and automated tools to check documents for accuracy and completeness. Our underwriting team evaluates financial details to assess credit risk, and we stay current with regulatory requirements to ensure compliance and mitigate legal risks.

    What negotiation and settlement services does Fusion CX offer?

    Fusion CX's seasoned negotiators work to reduce debt amounts and secure favorable settlements for clients. Our efficient closure processes prioritize swift action, reducing the time from negotiation to agreement and increasing the throughput of successfully resolved cases.

    How does Fusion CX utilize AI and automation in debt resolution operations?

    Fusion CX leverages AI-powered tools for lead scoring, document management, and customer interactions. Our generative AI-powered chatbot resolves queries quickly, and our automated workflow management reduces human intervention, enhancing operational efficiency and accuracy.