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Elevate Your Digital Customer Experience for Unparalleled Engagement and Retention

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, businesses encounter a myriad of challenges when it comes to delivering exceptional customer experiences. Engaging customers seamlessly across various channels, managing social media interactions effectively, analyzing customer sentiments, and maintaining consistent service standards can be overwhelming. Traditional methods often fail to meet these demands, leading to increased operational costs, dissatisfied customers, and missed growth opportunities.

Revolutionize Your Customer Journey with Fusion CX’s Comprehensive Digital Solution

Fusion CX understands the dynamic needs of modern businesses. Thus, we introduce VOICE, an ingenious omnichannel messaging solution seamlessly infused with AI and NLP and a potent social media listening and review management system. It redefines customer engagement by offering a cross-platform solution that spans the entire spectrum of possibilities. It equips businesses to publish and schedule content across diverse social media channels, enhancing efficiency and engagement. The Unibox feature is a centralized hub, seamlessly amalgamating data from multiple sources, thus enabling businesses to manage customer interactions across social platforms, chats, emails, and beyond. The incorporation of AI-powered chatbots and intelligent automation further elevates customer satisfaction (CSAT), all the while optimizing handling times. Supported by its VOC systems and text analytics capabilities, VOICE furnishes actionable insights, facilitating churn reduction and streamlining customer feedback analysis, marking a transformative stride for businesses in the digital era.

Experience the host of benefits that come with implementing VOICE in your customer service ecosystem. Experience reduced operational costs and improved social media response times. With its full-service social media listening and review management system, automated review responses, and sophisticated text analytics, you can focus on what matters—building lasting customer relationships. So why wait? Transform your digital customer service landscape with VOICE today.


15+ Social Channel Management

Take control of your customer interactions across 15+ social channels with VOICE. Our omnichannel messaging solution allows seamless communication through email, chat, and social media, all managed through a single unified inbox.

AI-Powered Solutions

Enhance customer satisfaction without sacrificing efficiency. Our AI-powered chatbots can handle a range of queries, seamlessly handing off more complex issues to human agents and optimizing your support operations.

Automated Review Management

Protect your online reputation effortlessly. Our automated review management service handles reviews across multiple platforms—be Google Business, e-commerce sites, or app stores—ensuring consistent and positive brand image.

Advanced Analytics and Dashboarding

Unlock valuable insights into customer behavior and sentiment with our sophisticated analytics solutions. Measure and optimize your operations with real-time dashboards, improving your response times and customer satisfaction metrics.

CSAT & NPS Integration

Measure customer satisfaction with our fully customizable CSAT and NPS features. Integrate these into your existing CRM and POS systems for real-time feedback that helps you keep a pulse on customer sentiment.

Competitor Benchmarking

Stay ahead of the competition with our advanced social listening tools. Monitor brand mentions, track keywords, and analyze competitor strategies to make data-driven business decisions that keep you on top.


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    Our social listening solution streamlines review management and social listening across over 15 key social platforms. With features like automated review responses, we have substantially improved social response times for our BPO clients.


    Our ecommerce clients have found VOICE an invaluable tool for customer engagement. With its advanced social listening capabilities it eliminates ineffective practices and significantly enhances Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) metrics.


    In the Non-Banking Financial Companies arena, VOICE has emerged as one of the leading social listening tools. It empowers businesses to elevate their digital engagement strategies, boosting customer experience.


    VOICE is vital for healthcare providers and payers who aim to manage reviews and responses more efficiently. Many healthcare organizations have seamlessly integrated VOICE into their existing CRM systems, yielding tangible benefits.


    Educational institutions have seen substantial improvements in customer service across multiple social channels. Our social listening solution has helped them streamline customer communications, enhancing their digital service offerings.


    VOICE streamlines customer communications across various social platforms for our clients in Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance. The result is improved response times, a superior customer experience, and significant time and operational cost savings.



    1. How does VOICE integrate with my existing CRM and POS systems?

    VOICE aims for seamless integration with your current CRM and POS systems. Our open API ensures easy connectivity, enabling real-time feedback and analytics to enhance your customer experience strategy.

    What social media platforms does VOICE support?

    VOICE supports 15+ vital social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. This extensive range allows you to engage with your audience wherever they are, ensuring maximum reach and impact.