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Home Improvement

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Elevate Your Home Improvement/Home Service Business with Innovative Business Process Management Strategies

The Home Improvement/Home Services Industry, while ever-growing, is confronted with challenges that impact businesses in multiple areas. From fluctuating customer demands to technological adaptations, companies often struggle with ensuring consistent quality, reliability, and efficiency. In addition, each service sector within the industry has unique hurdles to navigate and overcome. As a result, the ever-present need to consistently match customer availability and provide timely services only adds to the complexity. Balancing sales and service in this industry is an art that requires meticulous planning and execution.

Amplify Your Services by Merging Business Process with Unparalleled Customer Journey

Fusion CX brings its extensive Business Process Management (BPM) expertise to the fore, specifically tailored for the Home Improvement segments. Our approach hinges on optimizing processes for both sales and service. For clients focused on customer lead acquisition, we provide specialized services such as In-home consultations, appointment setting and confirmation, lead generation, win back campaigns, upsells, quotation follow-ups, and satisfaction surveys, ensuring that all potential customers are engaged effectively thereby maximizing closing ratios from all channels. On the service front, our dedicated team streamlines all the post-sales support processes, such as customer complaints and escalations, maintenance checks, installations issues, warranties issues, and any timely upgrades where required.

Furthermore, Fusion CX extends its support to a broad spectrum of Home Improvement /Home Services companies, by combining our unique expertise with cutting edge technologies such as AI, Chatbots, Real-Time Analytics, and Omni-Channel Customer Engagement platforms to create seamless customer experiences. This comprehensive approach not only drives sales but also significantly improves customer retention. Our industry leading management solutions enable businesses to address the prevalent challenges and proactively set them on a growth trajectory and unparalleled customer satisfaction.


Customer Support

Whether it is customer escalations, or complaints, our customer support goes beyond resolving issues; we aim to provide a stellar customer experience that aligns with your brand’s ethos. With 24/7 availability, we offer timely and effective solutions, ensuring that your clients feel heard and always valued. We become an extension of your brand.

In-Home Consultations

We provide personalized in-home consultations to assess customer needs accurately and recommend targeted home improvement solutions all the while focusing on ensuring a lead is properly qualified for the in-home appointment. Our experts bring the showroom to your doorstep, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience.

Helpdesk & Inquiry Handling

Our 24/7 helpdesk manages all your customer inquiries, from product questions to troubleshooting installation issues. We offer quick, reliable, comprehensive support that aligns with your brand voice and quality expectations.

In- Home Appointment Setting

We simplify the appointment-setting process with an efficient and user-friendly solution. From initial inquiries to scheduling and rescheduling and confirmation, we handle everything, letting you focus on delivering quality home improvement services.

Lead Generation

Utilizing advanced analytics and targeted marketing, we identify and cultivate potential customers for your business. Our lead generation service aims to increase your customer base and multiply your return on investment.

Customer Acquisition & Retention

We employ strategic marketing and personalized outreach to attract new customers and keep your existing ones engaged. Our tailored programs aim to maximize lifetime value and build brand loyalty, making every customer a repeat customer.





Ensured Business

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Boosting Revenue for a Top Home Improvement Brand

Boosting Revenue for a Top Home Services Brand

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Boosting Revenue for a Top Home Improvement Brand

Assisting A Home Services Company Manage Cost-Effective Customer Acquisitions

Fusion CX worked with a leading home improvement brand to improve customer acquisition while reducing associated expenses.

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Boosting Revenue for a Top Home Improvement Brand

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Revamp Your Home Improvement Business with the Power of Call Centers: Boost CX and Save Costs

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    What does customer support outsourcing for home improvement services provide?

    Customer services outsourcing for the home improvement industry can go for services like telemarketing, project appointment setting, retail store assistance, emergency service escalation support, after-sales support, leads generation, customer service, and leads generation.

    How does outsourcing customer experience management for home improvement companies help?

    Your home improvement business might be seasonal, but you continuously need to engage prospects, answer ongoing installation inquiries, handle after-sales service, prepare and file paperwork, and manage vendor payments. Home improvement call center outsourcing can help you with these tasks.

    Is it expensive to outsource customer services outsourcing for the home improvement industry?

    Home improvement call center outsourcing helps you achieve cost-efficiency with many expert services. However, hiring, training, and setting up your in-house team will involve more cost and unnecessarily occupy resources that could otherwise be used for core competencies.

    Why should I outsource our home improvement outsourcing services to Fusion CX?

    Customer services outsourcing for home improvement industry at Fusion CX cater to various clients. We operate from 27 locations in 14 countries. Our global service delivery model ensures cost-effectiveness, high competence, and more significant ROI for your contracting business.

    What special does Fusion CX have to offer in the home improvement sector?

    Fusion CX has a home improvement call center in almost 27 locations spread across the United States, UK, Albania, Morocco, India, Philippines, Colombia, Canada, El Salvador, Jamaica, Thailand, Mexico, Kosovo, and Indonesia. So you can connect with our nearest center and help us offer excellent sales support and customer service. Your home improvement business needs consistent customer engagement, and Fusion CX enables you to rope in high CX.