Voice Process

Voice Process


Enhance Customer Engagement with Top Voice Call Center Services

In a rapidly changing business world, delivering a superior customer experience that meets the ever-evolving customer expectations is the key to business growth. And for that, you need to focus on providing a highly personalized customer communication strategy. With top voice call center services, it is possible to ensure superior customer engagement at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

As a leading provider of voice process call center services with 33+ years of experience, we can offer round-the-clock customer engagement and support in over 40 languages. Our highly scalable voice process teams ensure that all your customer calls are timely attended, and their queries are resolved in the first contact, which results in a better CX and greater customer loyalty.

Our voice process outsourcing services are designed to add a human touch to your customer communication, bridging a gap between your customers and your company. It leads to highly personalized communication that improves customer retention and loyalty - two significant factors contributing to long-term business success.


24/7 Customer Support

We offer 24/7 customer support through our voice channel, focusing on FCR to deliver excellent customer service at every customer touchpoint.

Telephonic Support Services

We have over 30 years of experience delivering highly personalized customer support via the voice channel.

Customer Communications Management

We manage customer communication via voice channels to deliver a superior CX with minimized AHT.

Trouble Ticketing Service

Our state-of-the-art trouble ticket management process delivers a prompt and accurate resolution to various customer issues.


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    What Is the Difference Between a Voice and A Non-Voice Process in BPO Sector?

    The voice process typically describes the techniques where voice channels are used to interact with customers and prospects. Non-voice process, on the other hand, involves non-voice channels like chat and emails while interacting with the customers. Fusion CX offers both voice process call center services and non-voice services.

    What Is the Advantage of Voice Process in any Sector?

    Industries today are striving to retain their customers with excellent customer experience. It is only possible when providing a highly-personalized, proactive, and prompt customer service across all channels. Voice process customer service can hugely contribute to personalized customer service. In addition, human agents can build a connection between the customer and the brand with their personalized communication and empathetic approach, resulting in a better customer experience that keeps customers returning.

    How to Boost Sales Rates with Voice Process Service?

    While multichannel communication strategy has gained popularity, the voice process still has several benefits. One of the major benefits of using a voice BPO is a significant boost in sales rate. Voice process agents always work on building a customer-agent bond through personalized communication. As a result, it results in better sales rates.