Powerful CX Management for EdTech Companies to Deliver Diverse & Engaging User Experiences Across the Board

The EdTech industry offers users a surplus of learning opportunities and is on the rise, with recent events contributing to the accelerated adoption of these platforms. However, the industry is also plagued with innocuous restrictions that have hindered its progress, especially challenges with customer engagement. Therefore, customer support & communication services for EdTech companies have become a necessity to ensure enhanced user experience management and deliver sustainable growth.

Other key challenges faced by Edtech companies include:

  • High competition levels: EdTech startups have increased spending to improve customer acquisition, making the marketplace incredibly competitive. Fusion CX’s comprehensive outsourcing EdTech services will help you gain a competitive edge in the space through enhanced customer experiences.
  • Reputation management: Frivolous marketing spending has contributed to brand awareness, but they do little to manage the reputation of the brand among customers. Our customer engagement practices are designed to improve customer-brand relations and improve brand popularity.
  • Onboarding challenges: EdTech platforms face plenty of obstacles in onboarding users onto their platforms, impeding their ability to facilitate better education deliveries. Fusion CX’s customer-first approach will help you ensure the seamless onboarding of users using customized mechanisms.


Information & Support Desks

Fusion CX’s industry expertise will ensure that prospective, new, and existing customers receive accurate information for their queries on your products and services. In addition, we will also ensure that users receive customized resolutions to their service requests and grievances, ranging from new enrollments to course-specific queries and payment issues.

Customer Acquisition

Our ability to deliver superior omnichannel communications allows us to maximize multiple platforms to reach out to an expansive customer base. As a result, we are able to generate high-quality educated leads that are well-informed about your service offerings before they are passed over to your sales team.

Customer Onboarding

At Fusion CX, we emphasize delivering superior customer experience management for EdTech businesses, providing your customers with an onboarding experience that will enhance their journey with your platforms and technologies, facilitating better learning at every juncture.

Customer Surveys & Outreach

We understand that understanding your customer’s experiences with your brand is as important as it is to deliver superior customer service. Our customer outreach programs and surveys are designed to get accurate readings of customer opinions to help design solutions that guarantee satisfactory experiences.


Tech Support



Ensured Business


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    What services can schools/colleges outsource?

    Customer support solutions for Edtech companies include lead generation, appointment setting, chat support, course inquiry answering, email support, follow-up, emergency hotline, voice and text emergency response, fundraising campaign, strident survey, bookstore support, e-learning registration, and enrollment support, student loan support, college event/seminar promotion, and registration support.

    How does outsourcing help students?

    Students get seamless customer service from the education technology BPM solutions provider. They don't have to roam around carelessly for campus tours; they get appointment scheduling support for important events like financial aid programs; they get virtual bookstore support and school/college admission assistance.

    Is outsourcing Edtech services expensive?

    As customer support solutions for Edtech companies come with several advantages, like streamlined service and decreased Average-Handling-Time, robust data collection and effective marketing, increased brand awareness, and many others, it reduces your cost of operations.

    Why should I go for customer service outsourcing for Edtech to Fusion CX?

    As a global BPM solution provider, Fusion CX offers world-class customer support solutions for Edtech companies – from selling education packages to assisting students with their queries. We have tested methodologies and advanced technology that will add value to your educational services and products.