Health And Wellness
Management Support

Health And Wellness
Management Support


Improve Patient Outcomes with Frictionless Health and Wellness Management Support Services

We specialize in building lasting relationships between health and wellness brands and their end-users through personalized engagement and support practices - delivering a superior experience throughout the customer journey. With us as your CX management partner, you can provide your customers with industry-leading customer support across channels in over 40 languages.

As an omnichannel healthcare CXM solution provider with 30+ years of experience in the healthcare domain, we can help you boost customer-centricity through personalized customer support through your customer’s preferred communication channel and language. It enables you to improve customer experience and satisfaction, boost retention, enhance loyalty, and maximize revenue.

Enhancing Your Brand Health with Effective CX and Sales Management for Health and Wellness Businesses

Our customer-centric approach, a wide range of services, HIPAA-compliant processes, and experienced resource pool makes us the trusted outsourcing partner of various businesses in the healthcare domain. Our deep domain knowledge, together with our empathetic interactions, helps us deliver personalized, efficient, and effective support to customers, patients, and members, boosting satisfaction and brand loyalty simultaneously.


Lifestyle and wellness coaching

We can help your lifestyle and wellness coaching business with result-oriented customer acquisition, customer support, appointment setting, complaint management, compliance management selling, cross-selling and upselling, order management, and other BPM services. Our experienced professional can help you deliver a superior CX at every touchpoint.

Healthcare system navigation

We help healthcare system navigation businesses provide their clients with a faster diagnosis and treatment plan to help them battle serious illnesses and increase the likelihood of a positive health outcome. Our services for healthcare navigators include customer support, appointment management, pre-, post-, and during-care proactive support, regular check-in with the patient, and much more.

Chronic Disease Management

As a HIPAA-compliant healthcare CXM solution provider, we can help chronic disease management providers with effective and efficient patient interaction services, including – omnichannel CX management, appointment setting, complaint management, triage services, compliance management, prescription assistance, and much more to improve health outcomes for patients suffering from chronic diseases.

Vaccination Records

We help healthcare organizations update and maintain vaccination records, spread vaccination awareness programs, appointment management, inquiry handling, and much more to ensure an efficient vaccination process and improve the quality of life for the benefactors.

Palliative Care

We help healthcare organizations provide palliative care with a wide range of patient care support services such as patient support, appointment management, complaint handling, prescription management, and triage services to ensure better healthcare outcomes for people in hospice or assisted care facilities.


Telehealth service providers can benefit from our omnichannel and multilingual appointment management, prescription handling, triage support, complaint handling, and patient care management. This leads to better patient outcomes, increased satisfaction, and improved loyalty.


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    Appointment Management

    From scheduling appointments with healthcare practitioners to reminder assistance, cancellation, and rescheduling services, we offer end-to-end appointment management services to help health and wellness management providers deliver a superior experience at each touchpoint.

    Sales/Customer Acquisition

    We help you boost revenue by optimizing your sales and customer acquisition efforts with our omnichannel and multilingual sales support. In addition, our expertise in cross-selling, upselling, and impeccable CX delivery helps you create a loyal customer base, which is essential to maximize your business’s productivity and profitability.

    Complaint Management

    We help health and wellness brands effectively manage their patient and member complaints and deliver timely and appropriate resolutions to their issues. With us as your CX delivery partner, you can boost the satisfaction level for your patients, members, and customers and boost loyalty.

    Compliance Management

    As a HIPAA-compliant BPM service provider for health and wellness businesses, we can help you adhere to industry compliance while also ensuring a superior and compliant customer experience delivered throughout the patient/ customer journey.

    Prescription handling

    We offer premium prescription assistance to help patients with their prescriptions and medicine ordering. Our order processing and prescription reminder services will not only help your patients get the right medicine at the right time but also assist them with reminders to refill their prescription drugs.

    Order Processing

    As a PCI-DSS and ISO 27001-certified BPM service provider, we can deliver effective and efficient order-processing operations while safeguarding customer information. Our reliable team of experts handles a wide variety of order-processing services for your health and wellness businesses at affordable costs.



    For how long has Fusion CX been outsourcing health and wellness management solutions?

    With over three decades of experience as a top healthcare BPM company, Fusion CX has become a leading name in health and wellness management. We manage and resolve various complex health and wellness-related inquiries and assist healthcare and wellness companies with a range of HIPAA-compliant BPM service provider.

    Will your contact center service for health and wellness management affect my business?

    Yes, as HIPAA-compliant BPM services for healthcare and wellness companies, we help you improve patient outcomes. We help you reduce wait time for contact and deliver 24/7 care for inquiries and information dissemination. In addition, we will help patients and members with the proper support through appointment management, prescription assistance, complaint management, and much more.

    Is it expensive to outsource health and wellness management services?

    Although outsourcing health and wellness BPM services involves considerable investments, it yields more significant ROI. Outsourcing your non-core healthcare and wellness contact center services and customer support, can help you cutdown overhead, administrative costs, and improve patient satisfaction while building a positive brand image.

    Why should I choose Fusion CX among other healthcare outsourcing service providers?

    Fusion CX has been delivering highly personalized and empathetic customer support and other outsourcing services to the end-users in the health and wellness industry for over three decades. It has built a name as one of the leading HIPAA-compliant healthcare BPM companies on a global scale, catering to various healthcare businesses, including providers, payers, medical device and support, and health and wellness businesses. We have centers in the US, UK, Albania, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Colombia, El Salvador, Canada, Jamaica, Mexico, Morocco, and Kosovo, which gives us the scope to cater to a global clientele while staying local in our approach.