Satisfying Customers with Unique CX Deliveries and Premier Ecommerce Customer Service Outsourcing in the USA

Ecommerce is as much about satisfactory customer experiences as it is about the quality of the products and their prices. Modern-day customers desire an overall experience and are more mindful of their choice of shopping brands. Fusion CX's eCommerce customer service outsourcing for eCommerce brands will help your customers at every touchpoint while purchasing from your brand, providing adequate attention and instant solutions.

With more customers indulging in online shopping than ever before, there are opportunities galore for eCommerce businesses willing to brave the industry challenges and overcome competition. Ecommerce companies must leverage end-to-end managed services to yield sustainable business growth and boost sales conversions

Fusion CX’s Customer-First Approach Guarantees Superior CX Management

At Fusion CX, our customizable solutions and practices are tailor-made to prioritize customer experience management for eCommerce companies, helping you streamline interactions across multiple channels. These inspiring experiences will, in turn, enable you to strengthen customer loyalty to your brand and improve your reputation in the marketplace.

With Fusion CX as your customer engagement partner, you will have access to a team of industry experts that will guide your customers through transactions and guarantee superior CX deliveries in every interaction. By outsourcing eCommerce customer service to us, you will be able to supercharge your business development and growth with end-to-end solutions.


Telemarketing & Sales

Reach out to target audiences and improve your sales through a boost in your sales to new and existing customers. With targeted marketing and promotions, you can improve your cost-to-benefit ratio significantly, largely increasing your business’s productivity and profitability.

Cross-selling & Up-selling

Boost your revenue generation through cross-selling, up-selling, and add-ons to existing buyers, depending on their purchasing preferences. We will study buyer choices and curate the best products and package offers to improve your sales to maximize conversions and increase incoming revenues.

New-Markets Outreach

We will help you enter new markets and widen your customer outreach by taking your products and services to regions beyond international borders. Our massive global presence and the ability to offer multilingual customer engagement in 40+ languages make us the ideal outsourcing partner for eCommerce companies.

Returns & Refund Management

We streamline your customer requests for product exchanges, returns, and refunds, delivering seamless customer experiences. Simultaneously, we will simplify your in-house processes to ensure the smooth handling of these customer requests.


Tech Support



Ensured Business


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    What kind of eCommerce services can be outsourced?

    As an eCommerce business, you can several outsource eCommerce customer service to a professional third-party BPO company. These services include sales, inbound & outbound customer support, purchase assistance & order tracking, complaint handling, cancellations, returns & refunds, omnichannel customer engagement, etc. This will enable you to deliver superior customer interactions using the expertise of professionally trained customer support representatives.

    What are the primary benefits of outsourcing eCommerce customer service?

    With a professional eCommerce customer support outsourcing service provider, you will be able to offer 24-hour services and live customer support. This will ensure efficient multichannel communication management for your eCommerce business. In addition, outsourcing your customer engagements to a professional BPO will help you provide on-time and accurate answers to customer queries, delivering prompt and immediate assistance to customers with order tracking and placing return or refund requests.

    How do I evaluate outsourcing partners for eCommerce service providers?

    You can evaluate an eCommerce customer support outsourcing partner by making adequate inquiries about critical aspects, including global reach, size of the call center, future expansion plans, recognition and accreditations, relevant experience, learning, development programs, pricing, and client testimonials. These aspects will determine the quality of your association with the professional BPO company and enable you to maximize the return of your investment in the same.

    Where can I find an onshore/near-shore eCommerce service provider?

    Fusion CX is a leading name in the global customer support industry, with 27 centers in 14 countries worldwide. With offices in the United States, UK, Albania, Morocco, India, Philippines, Colombia , Canada, Jamaica, El Salvador, Thailand, Mexico, Kosovo and Indonesia, we are able to provide near-shore customer support solutions to businesses across four continents. In addition, our widespread expertise and extensive experience allow us to serve businesses across industry verticals, enabling us to deliver customized solutions to companies depending on their business requirements and industry regulations. This makes it easier for you to outsource eCommerce customer service to the ideal customer experience management company and choose the ideal partner for your business.