Medical Devices
and Products

Medical Devices
and Products


End-to-End Customer Support & Experience Management for Medical Device Companies

Most Medical device companies have turned to customer support outsourcing companies in the past decade. The primary causes for this include tightening industry regulations and constantly-increasing demand for advanced medical devices. Even unforeseen circumstances like global pandemics and deteriorating climate conditions have had a telling impact on the industry. This has compelled businesses to opt for outsourcing customer service for medical device manufacturer in an attempt to deliver satisfactory customer experiences.

Fusion CX’s customizable and comprehensive customer experience management solutions for the medical device industry rely heavily on extensive data analytics and CX management system to ensure industry-specific regulatory expertise, delivering highly sophisticated and service-oriented user experiences. Our customer-first approach will help you successfully cater to customer needs while also helping you to meet the expectations of other stakeholders in your business’s healthcare value chain.

Fusion CX – Helping your brand grow through superior patient experience management

At Fusion CX, we will determine your business needs to identify specific pain points affecting your customer engagements the most. Then, we will customize our medical devices customer support outsourcing solutions to your requirements and infuse your customer interactions with your brand values and design customer-centric strategies to ensure best-in-class service deliveries.

Fusion CX’s customer-first approach will help you leverage data analytic solutions across different business segments to drive end-to-end innovation, empowering your medical device business with sustainable growth in an evolving landscape.


Product Instruction & Coaching

Our agents are well-trained with product knowledge to ensure that your customers get accurate information regarding the features and usage of medical devices and products in uncomplicated language.

Clinical Advice / Guidance

Expert clinical support is provided by our team of experienced healthcare professionals, who offer valuable insights and recommendations to help patients make informed decisions about their medical needs.

Return and repairs

Our expertise is promptly resolving return and refund transactions while ensuring a smooth process, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and elevating the overall customer experience.

Warranty information

Our primary focus is to provide customers with precise and dependable information concerning product warranties, encompassing comprehensive insights into extended warranty choices and supplementary advantages accessible to them.

Product recall

If you require to return, exchange, or replace your products, our team can assist you in contacting your existing customers with the product recall information, ensuring a successful product recall.

Patient & Caregiver Support

When you engage Fusion CX for customer support outsourcing for medical devices, you will be delegating your customer engagements to a team of highly professional, skilled, and specialized industry experts. Our medicare experts will provide complete assistance to patients and caregivers to ensure comprehensive patient care.

Billing, Refunds & Adjustments

With efficient customer-centric strategies, we will help you resolve billing discrepancies and handle customer complaints to ensure the best resolutions for your customers as well as your business.


Tech Support



Ensured Business


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    How can customer support outsourcing for medical devices address customer service challenges?

    Medical device companies face several challenges with their customer service. The biggest reason for this is that medical device manufacturers primarily focus on R&D activities and industry regulations. Hence, it would greatly help to outsource customer engagement to a contact center company specializing in medical devices-related customer support. This will help medical device manufacturers deliver competent customer support while not having to deal with the stress of customer engagements.

    How does outsourcing customer support boost your business's customer acquisition?

    By outsourcing customer service for medical device manufacturers to a professional contact center company, you ensure satisfactory customer experiences across the board. This will increase your customer retention numbers as current customers will trust your brand and be more loyal to it despite attractions from competitors. However, this also contributes to your brand identity and reputation in the market through positive reviews and word-of-mouth promotions. In addition, our contact centers also provide top-notch medical devices customer support outsourcing to help you widen your customer outreach beyond current boundaries. Eventually, this will help you attract new customers from competitors and improve your recent customer acquisition.

    How can you improve customer support outsourcing for the medical devices business?

    There are two ways you can deliver competent and industry-standard customer support for your medical device business. You can either set up an in-house customer support department by employing the top industry specialists or outsource your customer services to a reputed contact center company like Fusion CX. However, employing top experts for your customer support team can be pretty challenging and take away a lot of valuable resources from your core business operations. On the other hand, Fusion CX's global network employs a massive workforce of more than 12,000 trained and experienced professionals to deliver top customer support to medical device companies worldwide.

    Is it expensive when partnering with customer support outsourcing for medical devices?

    Fusion CX's customer support outsourcing for medical devices can be easily customized to your medical device business's unique requirements. We can create the perfect program to match your requirements and budget to help you deliver the best customer support. Additionally, our vast global network enables us to employ local talent from around the globe, helping us provide a diverse talent pool to our clients worldwide. This also allows us to offer industry-standard Medical Device Call Center Services without charging high prices. This allows our clients to enjoy cost-effective services that can help them boost customer experiences, revenue generation, and business profitability.