Data Annotation

Data Annotation


Expert Data Annotation Services to Revolutionize Your AI/ ML Journey

Unlock the Power of AI/ML with cutting-edge Data Annotation Services. Embrace efficiency, precision, and accelerated AI breakthroughs with quality, custom, and transparent annotation services at scale. We employ an experienced team with cutting-edge technology and proven manual workflows to deliver accurate and reliable datasets for diverse businesses faster, utilizing fewer resources. Data annotation caters meticulously to your unique requirements for extracting valuable insights from unstructured data, empowering data-driven decision-making and innovation.

  • Accredited Experts for Flawless Datasets

    Our team of experienced professional annotators, data scientists, and linguistic experts curate top-quality training datasets, expediting the development of your ML models and data libraries.

  • A Complete Suite of Offerings under One Roof

    We understand that data comes in diverse forms and modalities - from text and images to videos and audio. So, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including text annotation, image annotation, video annotation, audio annotation, and contact center data annotation services, all conveniently available under one roof.

  • Industry-Specific Solutions

    We recognize that each industry has distinct requirements. With extensive experience across various verticals, we tailor our approach to cater specifically to industries including Technology, eCommerce and Retail.

  • Assured Accuracy for Reliable Results

    Accurate training datasets are essential for trustworthy machine-learning algorithms. Our professionals uphold the highest accuracy levels by conducting thorough audits and reviews at multiple stages to ensure that your AI models are fueled with precise and relevant data for dependable results.

  • Data Privacy & Security

    We adhere to various data privacy and security regulations and have vast experience in handling sensitive data. You can rest assured that your data will be safe and private.


Text Annotation Services

Categorize, label, and tag your text data effortlessly, enabling precise analysis, quantifying expressions, annotations, sentiment recognition, entity recognition, and more with our data annotation services. Elevate your NLP and machine learning projects with high-quality annotations that fuel accurate insights and exceptional AI performance.

Audio Annotation Services

Now you can access multi-labeled, granular audio datasets for diverse languages, speakers, and scenarios. Scale your AI models with well-segmented data and reach wider audiences with our annotation services. From intelligent verbatim to acoustic data classification, our top-tier audio services elevate your projects. Experience the power of accurate insights and advanced AI-driven solutions with our services.

Image Annotation services

Empower Your AI Vision with our state-of-the-art Image Annotation Services. Our image annotation services offer precise and scalable solutions for machine-learning projects. From accurate object tagging to deep learning techniques, we equip AI-oriented companies with high-quality annotated images, optimizing ML accuracy. Outsource with confidence and discover the key to successful AI implementation at reasonable pricing.

Video Annotation Services

Empower Computer Vision with our cutting-edge Video Annotation. Fuel your AI and computer system development with our precise Video Annotation Solutions. Our high-quality annotated videos serve as training data for advanced models, optimizing computer vision applications for groundbreaking results.

Contact Center Data Annotation Services

Improve contact center performance and customer experiences with our specialized data annotation services. From call transcriptions to sentiment analysis, we provide expertly annotated data to optimize quality assurance and drive exceptional service outcomes.


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    Enhanced Customer Experience

    Optimized Data Annotation services help offer more personalized and data-driven experiences to customers. Intelligent solutions trained with high-quality data sets offer accurate responses immediately, fostering loyalty and advocacy and boosting customer retention and satisfaction.

    Optimized AI Model

    High-quality data annotations lead to more precise AI and ML models, ensuring accurate predictions and decision-making and enhancing business performance. Accurate annotations speed up AI and ML model training, automating previously manual and time-consuming tasks.

    Cost and Time Efficient

    Automated data annotation reduces manual efforts, saving time and costs, accelerating AI model development, and gaining a competitive edge in the market.

    Data Diversity and Scalability

    Expert annotation services grant access to diverse and scalable datasets, enabling AI models to handle various scenarios and adapt to ever-changing requirements efficiently. This versatility empowers businesses to stay ahead in a dynamic and competitive landscape, catering to varied use cases and industry demands.

    Optimized Model Training

    The expertise of annotation teams in optimizing model training is invaluable. Leveraging best practices and advanced techniques, they streamline the training process, leading to faster convergence and minimizing the risk of overfitting or underfitting. It means AI models can deliver precise and dependable outcomes.


    Simplifying Compliance Risk Monitoring Through Text Data Annotation

    Simplifying Compliance Risk Monitoring Through Text Annotation

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    Streamlining Autonomous Shopping Through Data Annotation

    Streamlining Autonomous Shopping Through Data Annotation

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    Data Annotation Services: A Comprehensive Review

    Data Annotation Services: A Comprehensive Review

    2023 has already been denoted as ‘the year of data.’ With AI-based applications and technologies growing, data quality has become crucial for the long-term success of ML models.

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    What industries do you cater to with your data annotation services?

    We offer data annotation services customized for diverse industries, including retail and eCommerce, etc. Our expert team delivers top-quality training datasets to accelerate ML model development across these sectors.

    How do you ensure the security and privacy of our data during the data annotation process?

    At Fusion CX, we prioritize data privacy and security, adhering to regulations and using encrypted data storage and transmission systems. Our trained annotators handle sensitive data with utmost confidentiality, ensuring your data's safety during annotation.