Welcome to Fusion CX

Welcome to Fusion CX

Improve CX delivery with Nearshore Contact Centers in North & Latin America

The NALATAM customer support market is proliferating due to the growing onshore and nearshore outsourcing trend. As a result, the outsourcing industry is gaining traction, with more US-based companies choosing to outsource their non-core operations and customer communication services to contact centers in North America.

Studies show that by 2024, the customer experience management industry in North America is expected to attain a net revenue of $42.75 billion. In contrast, the total revenue generated by contact centers in Latin America for the same period is expected to be $7.85 billion. On the other hand, the demand for contact centers is predicted to surge at a 10.8% CAGR between 2022 and 2029.

Hence, it is quite clear that the outsourcing market in the NALATAM region is thriving owing to the changing business environment and consumer behavioral patterns.

As a leading name among contact centers in North America and Latin America, Fusion CX caters to a wide range of customer engagement services. We have a presence in 6 countries in the NALATAM region, including the US, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Jamaica, and El Salvador. Such a strong presence allows us to better cater to your customer base in the market, delivering personalized communication in their native languages.

In addition, our omnichannel capability and the ability to offer a unique blend of high-tech and high-touch solutions for greater CX delivery make us your ideal partner among contact center companies in Latin America and North America.




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    Why Choose the NALATAM Region?

    Cultural Proximity

    Outsourcing your customer support to North America and Latin America can ensure that our agents and your customers can enjoy cultural compatibility, which can elevate customer satisfaction and boost CX.

    Similar Time Zone

    Outsourcing to contact centers in Latin America or a North American country benefits your business as both parties share the same time zone. It will help you be available to your customers when they need you.

    Native English and Spanish Speaking Agents

    Most people in North America and Latin America speak English or Spanish. Hiring a diverse and experienced multilingual contact center in Latin America can help you massively improve your customer communication.

    Technologically Sound

    Contact centers in the NALATAM region use the latest technology like Smart IVRs, advanced AI-enabled chatbots, ML, NLP capabilities, AI-driven analytics, and reporting mechanisms to ensure data-driven outcomes.

    Onshore and Nearshore Advantage

    When you outsource your customer support functions to a contact center in the NALATAM market, your business can enjoy the benefits of onshore and nearshore outsourcing, driving higher CX deliveries and revenue.