Welcome To Fusion CX


Welcome To Fusion CX

Add Value to Your Business with Outsourcing Customer Support in the Asia-Pacific Region

Boost Cost Efficiency with Customer Support & BPO Services in South Asia

The APAC market consists of some of the biggest outsourcing destinations in the world. The surging labor market, industry-leading technology and infrastructure, low operational costs, and vast talent pool have fueled the exponential growth of contact centres in Southeast Asia and South Asia. In fact, by hiring any contact centre in the Asia-Pacific region, businesses can ensure better profitability for their business.

According to recent reports, the European BPO market is growing and expected to reach USD 22.55 billion by 2024, whereas the BPO market in the Middle East is expected to reach USD 5.89 Billion by the same year. The CAGR of the APAC BPO market for the forecast period of 2022-2029 is 8.8%. It goes to show that the APAC region is still the most preferred outsourcing destination for businesses from the surrounding region and across the world. Contact centres in South Asia and South-East Asia can cater to a wide and varied customer base with end-to-end tech-driven CX solutions and also offer a significant cost advantage to clients.

As a rapidly growing contact centre in the Asia-Pacific region, Fusion CX can help your business cater to a large multilingual customer base in the APAC region and drive superior outcomes in terms of customer experience and revenue. Our contact centres in South Asia tap into the large multilingual and low-cost talent pool of India, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, and Thailand. We also leverage the latest technology and infrastructure to deliver a CXM solution that blends innovation with human interaction, delivering highly personalized customer interaction and resulting in more repeat business and higher revenue for our clients.




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    Vast talent pool

    The APAC region has a vast, hitherto untapped young talent pool that can be easily trained to deliver high-quality CX to your business. Contact centres in South-East Asia hire from this talent pool and train them to create skilled resources for driving CX to their clients and customers.

    Multilingual Support

    Multilingual sales & marketing support and customer engagement will help you penetrate the APAC market and cater to regional customers. Contact centres in South Asia help your brand communicate with customers in their native languages, driving greater CX and brand loyalty.

    Scalable workforce

    With large numbers of highly skilled resources, contact centres in Southeast Asia can quickly scale their resources according to your business requirements. It allows you to minimize key customer challenges like long wait times, higher AHT, poor customer experience, etc.

    Low-cost infrastructure

    As a top BPO destination for businesses worldwide, the APAC market enjoys lower setup and maintenance costs for industry-specific infrastructure and technology. As a result, contact centres in the APAC region can ensure lower overhead costs than other outsourcing destinations.

    Overall cost efficiency

    Owing to lower costs of infrastructure setup, labor, and operations, contact centres in the APAC region are able to offer their contact centre services at highly competitive prices much lower than those in other regions, enabling your business to reduce outsourcing costs.