Powering New Possibilities Through Superior Customer Engagements with Positive Customer Support Management for Energy Companies

Fusion CX helps energy and utility companies build efficient and sustainable customer engagement practices to boost customer satisfaction, build trust and loyalty, and increase retention for improved revenue. Our CX management for energy service providers goes well beyond simple planning and executions, delivering true industry-specific expertise and end-to-end managed services.

Fusion CX’s customer-centric solutions will help your energy business power consumer experiences and deliver enhanced business services through customized solutions that cater to your unique requirements. Our customer engagement technologies are designed to ensure superior and satisfactory communication between clients and their customers, facilitating sustainable relationships between service providers and consumers.

Fusion CX Helps Clients Realize Their Goals Through Satisfactory And Sustainable Customer Engagements

At Fusion CX, our customer support outsourcing for the energy industry is curated to complement your operational infrastructure and deliver comprehensive solutions to consumers. While you focus on delivering clean and environment-friendly energy to your customers, we focus on delivering satisfactory engagements that will help them have incredible experiences during their association with your brand.

From strategizing to execution, from simple inquiries and consulting to escalations and complaints management, our CX solutions for the energy industry do it all, delivering personalized solutions along the way


Customer Acquisition and Onboarding

Our exclusive customer acquisition practices will help you acquire and onboard targeted customers to your energy services or solar energy brand from competitors. Through targeted efforts, we identify conversion-ready customers, help you win new customers, and onboard them, ensuring a superior CX delivery.

B2B and B2C Sales

We offer omnichannel B2C and B2B sales support for optimal revenue generation. Our multilingual sales support and cross-selling and upselling efforts can help you maximize revenue with a touch of personalization.

Customer Service (ESCO & Solar)

We offer omnichannel customer service for energy and solar energy services companies. Our multilingual capability and personalized customer-centric approach help us boost customer satisfaction and enhance customer loyalty and retention.

OB Retention and Renewal

Our outbound retention and renewal efforts are designed to prevent customer attrition and boost customer experience. Our effective customer engagement solution keeps your customers from taking their business to your competition.

Customer Win Back

We help you win your old customers back through effective and personalized customer win-back efforts. Combined with your customer acquisition efforts, it can help you expand your customer base and enhance your revenue.

Third-party Verification (TPV)

Our third-party verification services for the energy industry are designed to help you stay compliant by eliminating data and customer approval-related confusion once and for all.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance as a service helps you deliver exceptional CSAT with 100% quality monitoring. Our user-friendly, full-featured quality monitoring solution is designed to improve customer and agent experience CX at all touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle.

Utility Enrollment

We help you enroll your customers for e-billing and other offers to help them save money. We ensure a superior CSAT while also boosting customer engagement and retention at the same time.

Customer Assurance

We assist you in making your customer assurance program a success by keeping your customers at the center of all your new efforts with our effective customer assurance solutions.

Lead Generation

We offer multilingual B2B and B2C lead generation and lead nurturing services across various channels to fill your sales pipeline with conversion-ready leads to boost revenue outcomes.


Our end-to-end billing support services are designed to manage and mitigate your customers’ concerns related to billing, subscription, and other discrepancies in their energy expenses across various communication channels, boosting customer experience and brand loyalty.


We help you recover payment from your delinquent accounts with personalized, omnichannel, and compliant collection solutions. We initiate, follow up, and conclude debt collections and recoveries efficiently and effectively.


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    What kind of customer experience management for energy can be outsourced?

    Energy providers routinely opt for customer support outsourcing for energy services providers, including sales support, inbound customer service, emergency support during weather catastrophes and outages, account receivable management and collections, and omnichannel customer engagement.

    How does customer service outsourcing for the energy industry help customers?

    Expert energy BPM service providers offer 24-hour live customer support and manage multichannel communication. Customer support outsourcing for energy services provider helps customers by providing on-time and accurate answers to their queries, scheduling appointments for technician visits, and triaging and troubleshooting problems with customized scripting.

    Is it expensive to outsource customer experience management?

    Energy customer experience management services are cost-efficient. Customer services outsourcing for the energy industry comes with flexible pricing. Whether you are a large commercial company or a start-up, you can choose from a host of pricing plans.

    Why should I outsource our energy services to Fusion CX?

    Fusion CX provides global-standard BPM services from 27 locations in 14 countries. We are a leading name in customer services outsourcing for the energy industry domain. With our custom, scalable customer service, customer experience, and other customer engagement solutions. Energy and Utility companies can streamline business outcomes.