Account receivable management is an important area for maintaining the financial health of an organization. If your customers fall behind on their payment, it can lead to major cashflow issues detrimental to your company’s success. However, collecting these payments can become a challenge if not collected within a certain timeframe. On the other hand, it is also essential to deliver a better CX during the collection process to maintain the brand reputation and retain the customers. So, businesses today are opting to partner with a reputed debt collection agency to recover these payments while also ensuring a better customer experience.

Fusion CX As A Debt Collection Agency

Fusion CX is a reputed debt collection agency specializing in First-Party and Third-Party collections while also ensuring better customer engagement. Utilizing our flexible omnichannel and multilingual customer engagement practices, we can tailor our collection efforts and customer engagement practices to your business needs.

Our Abilities As A Debt Recovery Agency

Our ability to offer collection services via phone, email, text and other communication channels allows us to deliver a seamless CX to your customers even during the collection phase. Apart from that, our ability to support 40 languages allows us to create a stronger bond with your customers, which leads to better and faster collection across all industries. In addition, our team of debt collectors has the necessary expertise and experience that allows them to easily recover your customer debt irrespective of which industry or location you belong to.

Our Presence As A B2B Collection Agency

As a debt collection agency with a presence in over 10 countries, we can offer a wide range of debt collection services, including automotive debt collection, debt collection for financial services providers, medical debt collection, debt collection for municipalities, and other government organizations. Our ability to cater to a wide variety of industries is what sets us apart from the rest.

As a well-known B2B collection agency, we have helped many businesses from various industries recover their customer debt. You, too, can secure the better financial health of your company by outsourcing accounts receivable management services to Fusion CX – a nationally licensed and trusted name in the United States debt recovery scene.

As a leading national debt collection agency in the US, we have the right resources, tools, technology, and infrastructure to deliver the best-in-class accounts receivable services outsourcing to our clients, who range from small businesses to large organizations. We have already earned a reputation as a collection agency for small businesses. So, if you are looking for the best debt collection agency for your small business or startup, you can consider us as your debt collection agency.

B2B Debt Collection Services We Offer

First-party Debt Collection

We can offer first-party deb collection services in which we carry out collection services on behalf of your brand. We work as an extension of your team while carrying out our collection operations.

Third-party debt collection

We also offer third-party debt collection to our various clients, where we work as a third-party debt collection agency collecting debt for your brand. Our experience as a debt collection agency allows us to deliver a faster and better collection.

Outsourcing Account Receivables

We can also be your partner for outsourcing account receivables. Our multilingual and multichannel nature allows us to ensure better account receivables management for your company.

Invoice Checking

We can also perform invoice checking for your brand in case there’s a dispute in the data. It will help your brand make the necessary amends in your collection data.

Industries We Provide Debt Recovery Services


Municipalities and other government authorities face challenges collecting their due payments on time. As a debt recovery agency, we can help them collect these payments quickly and efficiently.

Banking Financial and Insurance

BFSI institutes like banks, insurance providers, credit card providers, short-term lenders, and payment service providers always struggle to collect past-due payments without breaking the industry compliances. As a debt collection agency, we can help them do so while adhering to necessary compliances.


Many healthcare institutions today struggle to recover the past due payments for the medical services they have already rendered. We can help them with medical debt collection services to ensure a better recovery while adhering to the state and country regulations.

Small Business

We have a reputation as one of the leading collection companies for small businesses. Our multilingual and multichannel capabilities help small businesses recover their debts more effectively. In addition, our team of experienced collection agents builds a strong connection between your brand and your customers, ensuring a faster debt collection.


We offer debt collection services to our utilities and energy clients. Our experience, infrastructure, and technology allow us to deliver a faster and result-oriented collection service. We have skip-tracing technology that allows us to identify a previously untraceable customers and include them in the collection process.


While the auto finance business is booming, so is the automotive collection industry. We help you collect the bad debts of automotive with our automotive debt collection services that ensure better collection while adhering to the compliances.

Real Estate

We can help real estate companies collect unpaid rents for residential properties as well as commercial spaces. Our skip-tracing technology and multilingual ability allow us to reach more customers and ensure a better collection for real estate businesses.


We also help telecommunication companies collect their past-due payments from their customers through our multichannel and omnichannel debt collection services.


30+ Locations in
15 Countries

40+ Language



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    United States

    We are a national debt collection agency with 6 centers in the United States. We cater to clients from various industries from these centers with our effective and compliant debt collection services.


    We are a debt recovery agency in India with a presence in all four quarters in India. Our multichannel and multilingual nature helps us efficiently carry out collection processes on behalf of our clients.


    We are a debt collection agency offering English and French collection services in Canada. Our team of experienced collection agents helps us in a faster and more effective collection process.

    United Kingdom

    We cater to the debt collection need of a wide variety of clients from various industries in the United Kingdom. We adhere to the government and industry regulations while executing collection services there.


    We are one of the leading collection companies for small businesses in the Philippines. We cater to the collection needs of a wide range of small businesses from our call centers in Cebu and Manila.


    We cater to the collection needs of various businesses in Europe from our Albania center. Being well-versed in many European languages, our collection team in Albania can ensure a high collection rate.


    We offer debt collection services in English from our Colombia center. Our multichannel offering makes debt collection a lot easier in this country.

    El Salvador

    We offer debt collection services in Spanish and English in El Salvador. Our multilingual nature makes it easier for us to deliver an efficient debt collection.


    As one of the leading debt collection agencies in Jamaica, we ensure faster and more effective debt recovery from our center in Jamaica.


    Our debt recovery agency in Morocco caters to both the French-speaking European market and the Arabic-speaking Middle Eastern market. Our multilingual nature makes us a best debt collection agency in the EMEA region for small businesses in the French and Arabic-speaking market.



    How Are Debts Recovered and How Much Is It Going to Cost?

    At Fusion CX, our Debt Recovery Agents will contact your customers via multiple communication channels – calls, texts, emails, etc. This will ensure prompt interactions with your customers, leading to quicker recoveries of the debts. At the same time, we comply with all data-protection laws and customer service regulations – local, national, and international – during our interactions with your customers. What’s more? We get paid only after you’re paid. We receive only a percentage of the debt we recover for you!

    Why Should I Choose Fusion CX Instead of Another Debt Recovery Agency?

    At Fusion CX, we are able to recover your debts without compromising your relationship with your customers. Having a global presence in over 10 countries and working in the industry for 33+ years, we are able to offer our expert Debt Recovery services in more than 40 languages. Hence, we can cater to your debt recovery needs across diversified demographics, and ensure prompt recovery of the debt owed by your global customers. Our expert knowledge of the industry, coupled with the sophisticated skills of our debt recovery agents, will help you obtain swifter and greater debt recoveries.