Driving Excellent Customer Experiences for New-Age Companies with Best-In-Class CXM Solutions

Fusion CX’s proactive approach to customer experience management is designed to help startup companies scale their businesses and ensure sustainable growth and long-term success. Our customer support outsourcing for startups will support your scaling business through dedicated human engagements that reflect brand values to customers across communication channels.

Simultaneously, our massive resources will also help you scale your customer experience management as your business grows in the startup landscape, enabling you to access the necessary infrastructure to maintain consistency in customer support.

Fusion CX Helps You Nurture Customer Relationships To Empower Long-Term Associations

At Fusion CX, you will have access to customized and tech-enabled customer experience management solutions for startups, with a centralized CX team that constantly puts your customers and brand first. We use the latest digital advancements in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to provide customized and accurate solutions.

With complete dedication to your brand, our customer service representatives will create a positive brand identity in the marketplace and improve your popularity among target customers. Additionally, we will employ custom strategies to increase conversions and reduce churns, creating top-tier customer experiences to ensure that your customers return to your brand repeatedly.


Product Support

From answering general inquiries to resolving customer issues with your products and services, our expert representatives will help your customers get appropriate assistance. At Fusion CX, we prioritize human connections to deliver personalized experiences, making us the best customer engagement partner for outsourcing customer service for startups.

Phone Answering Services

Our 24/7 availability will ensure that you do not have to miss a single customer interaction across multiple communication channels. We will be present round the clock to answer your customers’ queries and grievances, providing personalized resolutions to guarantee satisfactory experiences across the board.

Conversion & Sales

Give your sales team the best opportunities to maximize sales with prospects that are educated, qualified, and primed for conversions. For start-ups without in-house sales teams, our experts can also help you close deals and maximize revenue generation.

Real-Time Customer Feedback

While our CX solutions for new-age companies are adept at gathering customer feedback through targeted surveys, we also have the infrastructure to provide real-time customer feedback. This will help you modify your services on the go and deliver better products and experiences to your customers.


Tech Support



Ensured Business


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    What should I look for when outsourcing customer service for Start Ups?

    When outsourcing customer service for Start Ups, you should find a service provider that is professional, patient, and work with a customer-first attitude. Customer service is a broad term that varies from industry to industry. So, make sure your provider of outsourcing Customer Service for Start Ups has relevant industry experience, complies with necessary regulations, and provides clear communication.

    How are customers handled when outsourcing CX solutions for new age companies?

    Customers are handled with professionalism and empathy an experience center. Agents address customer inquiries over multiple channels like phone, chat, email, and text. Customers also get the option to interact in their preferred language.

    How much does customer support outsourcing for Start Ups cost?

    If you look around the internet, you will find customer support outsourcing for Start Ups has various ranges. This bar varies based on the locations, industry, and services you are seeking. Popular outsourcing destinations like India or the Philippines are known for affordable outsourcing services for startups. However, if you want native English countries like the UK or USA, the cost goes up. To know our pricing, you can request a quote by clicking on the 'Get A Quote' button in the top right corner of the page.

    Why should I outsource CX solutions for new age companies to Fusion CX?

    As a startup, when you outsource to Fusion CX, you get a wide range of outsourcing services for startups that also positively affect cost control. Fusion CX has a global delivery model spread across 27 centers and 14 counties. We offer multilingual, multichannel support for your startup business and bring operational efficiency.

    What makes Fusion CX the best customer support outsourcing for Start Ups?

    When you are looking to outsource services for Startups, you need a cost-effective service provider who provides excellent solutions without blowing up your invoices. Fusion CX centers across the United States, UK, Albania, Morocco, India, Philippines, Colombia, Canada, El Salvador, Jamaica, Thailand, Mexico, Kosovo, and Indonesia, enable us to tap into the right talents at a low cost. In addition, we pass on the benefits to our clients through our 27 locations and help them leverage the best business opportunities.