The Power of Customer Support Outsourcing for the Gas Industry in Transforming Consumer Experiences & Improving Service Deliveries

The oil, fuel, and natural gas industry is a major player in the global economy, but it is also a very volatile one at the same time. Gas companies are constantly pressurized to find sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for consumers while continuing to maintain profitability. As a result, brands are turning to customer support outsourcing for the gas industry in an attempt to maximize retention and acquisitions through superior CX deliveries.

In recent years, the oil and natural gas industry has become increasingly complex, depending largely on massive capital investments and technological advancements. Gas companies have found it challenging to recuperate expenses and have been forced to make budget cuts along the way, compromising consumer experiences.

Fusion CX’s consumer-centric CX solutions for the gas industry might just be the answer

At Fusion CX, we have realized that simple solutions will no longer cut it when it comes to outsourcing customer service for gas companies. We have to delve deeper and identify the precise requirements of each customer and target each communication differently to offer personalized solutions.

We have attacked industry challenges (especially the ones brought about by the recent global pandemic) head-on, overcoming obstacles and behavioral changes to deliver cost-effective solutions for gas companies and their consumers alike.


General Inquiry

Our CX solutions for the gas industry will help you handle service-related inquiries from potential and existing customers, providing accurate answers and personalized resolutions that will help you improve service deliveries and consumer experiences. With accurate answers to their queries, your customers will be able to make informed decisions.

Phone Answering Services

We will help you answer incoming customer communications 24X7 across multiple communication channels. You will never miss out on potential sales opportunities ever again. Additionally, we will help you maximize sales by directing your customers to appropriate salespeople for successful closures.

Billing Assistance

Whether it is general inquiries about billing particulars or serious grievances regarding faulty payments and other billing discrepancies, we will help your customers resolve them without any issues. No fuss, simply convenient resolutions!

Complaints Management

One of the most critical aspects of customer engagement, complaints management is a crucial element of our CX management for gas service providers. We address consumer complaints with urgency, delivering on-time personalized solutions.


Tech Support



Ensured Business


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    What kind of customer experience management can be outsourced in gas services?

    Gas service providers routinely opt for customer service outsourcing like inbound customer service, emergency support during weather catastrophes and outages, account receivable management and collections, sales, and omnichannel customer engagement.

    How does outsourcing customer support for the gas industry help customers?

    Expert service providers offer 24-hour live customer support and manage multichannel communication. The customer services outsourcing service provider helps customers by providing on-time and accurate answers to their queries, scheduling appointments for technician visits, and triaging and troubleshooting problems with customized scripting.

    Is it expensive to outsource customer experience management?

    CXM services are cost-efficient. In addition, customer services outsourcing for the gas industry comes with flexible pricing. Whether you are a large commercial company or a start-up, you can choose from a host of pricing plans.

    Why should I outsource customer experience management services to Fusion CX?

    Fusion CX provides global-standard BPM services from utility industry from 27 locations in 14 countries. We are a leading name in Customer services outsourcing for the gas industry domain. With our custom, scalable customer service, customer experience, and other customer engagement solutions, energy and utility companies can streamline business outcomes.