Driving Scale & Delivering Sustainable Growth Through Superior CX Management with Powerful Customer Support Outsourcing for SAAS Companies

Software platforms have become the beating heart of modern-day technological applications and will only become even more dominant as the years roll on. At Fusion CX, we examine business-critical areas of software platforms and serve as the bridge to deliver personalized customer engagement for software and technology developers.

With Fusion CX in charge of your CX deliveries, you will be able to leverage industry opportunities and power growth through extensive services, new products, and experiences. We use research-led and data-driven insights to evaluate key platform-growth topics to address the customer’s pain points and deliver personalized resolutions.

Fusion CX Offers Quicker Response Times & Greater Flexibility

With offices in every major continent on the planet, we are able to employ a massive global workforce that will be available to your customers across time zones. As a result, engaging Fusion CX as your customer engagement partner will help you ensure quicker responses and 24/7 availability, guaranteeing superior CX deliveries.

Fusion CX’s customer experience management solutions for software platforms & SAAS companies are also elastic and can be easily customized to meet unique business requirements. With our fully-managed services, your customers will experience improved responsiveness and maximized service deliveries to ensure sustainable growth for your business.


Technical Support

From software platforms and networking solutions to engineering products and cloud-based solutions, Fusion CX’s highly skilled customer support experts are capable of handling all kinds of technical queries from your customers. We will ensure swift and satisfactory technical solutions for every one of your customers.

Complaints Management

Fusion CX’s customer support solutions for software platforms are famed for their complaints management capabilities, ensuring that each one of these interactions is handled with utmost priority. Our technical staff will deliver swift responses and personalized solutions to transform customer grievances into satisfactory experiences.

Customer Acquisition

Fusion CX’s customer acquisition practices are designed to help SAAS and software development firms reach out to highly qualified prospects with maximum potential. We will screen and process prospective customers to ensure that only educated and qualified leads are passed on to your sales teams, ensuring maximized and efficient resource management.


With access to superior-quality leads, you will be able to boost conversions and successful closures, increasing your sales to generate maximum revenue for your business and improving your business’ cost-to-benefits ratio.


Tech Support



Ensured Business


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    What should I look for in customer support outsourcing for software platforms?

    When you look for customer support outsourcing for SAAS companies, essential factors are customer-first policies, empathetic problem-solving capability, advanced training and learning development schemes for agents, clear communication, product/service knowledge, and strong time management skills.

    How is customer support outsourcing for SAAS companies handled?

    With customers becoming more tech-savvy, they are becoming more curious about software products and tech specifications. Thus, if you are selling technology products, you have to get your customer support right. While bots answer basic questions, complex customer queries are answered by outsourcing agents.

    How much does outsourcing customer service for software and technologies cost?

    Product services outsourcing prices depend on near-shore/offshore/onshore locations, industry type, dedicated or shared services, selection of services, and other factors. To know our pricing, you can request a quote by clicking on the 'Get A Quote' button in the top right corner of the page.

    Why should I go for customer support outsourcing for SAAS companies to Fusion CX?

    Fusion CX has a global delivery model as it is spread across 27 centers and 14 countries. If you outsource to Fusion CX, you can benefit from its rich technology, strict compliance adherence, quality control, skilled tech agents, multichannel and multilingual support, and streamlined processes.