5 Call Center Gamification Statistics To Transform Your Business Operations

Call Center Gamification Statistics

When a customer calls the contact center of a business and communicates with its agents, they should always have a pleasant customer experience. However, in many cases, the customers have an experience that is far from pleasant. More often than not, it is because of the disengaged agents who do not put their 100% in the job.

Yes, a lack of engagement is one of the biggest challenges businesses are facing nowadays. As a matter of fact, the U.S. economy loses $350 billion annually due to these disengaged employees. The loss is not only in terms of productivity, but it is also the main cause of employee attrition. Research shows that the engaged employees are 87% less likely to part ways with an organization than the disengaged.

So, the question remains – is there a magic solution that can elevate the customer experience, improve business operations and transform the disengaged employees into loyal brand advocates?

Um, yes. And it is known as gamification. When applied in the right context, it can yield multiple benefits to a business. The benefits include:

It Allows Business to Collect Powerful Customer Data – Businesses can learn loads of new information about their customers using gamification techniques. This allows them to engage the customers in a personalized conversation and improves the customer experience.

Gamification Can Also be a Good Learning Tool – Using the gamification creatively, a business can launch a new product or service in the market. Even the simple technique of introducing the customers who visit their site to the product and teaching them about its use via a game allows a business to earn new businesses.

However, business should have a clear idea about how much they want to offer to the prospects. Giving it all out for free is never a good business technique.

Gamification Can Help Business Reengage their Employees – Taking the cue from gamification techniques; a business can also engage their employees to give their very best at work. Introducing titles like employee of the week/ month/ year, announcing reward points and prizes will keep the employees engaged.

In a contact center, that will mean more satisfied customers, more sales, and a stable workforce. Some major employee issues like loss of productivity and employee attrition can be avoided.

Take a look at these five amazing statistics on the use of gamification.

  1. According to Gartner, by 2016, gamification will become an essential element for businesses to improve customer marketing and loyalty.
  2. By 2015, the gamification industry is estimated to grow to more than $2 billion in the U.S. according to M2 Research.
  3. According to Gartner, over 40% of the top-notch companies will be using gamification to give their business operations a complete makeover by the end of 2015,
  4. According to a report by Aberdeen Research, businesses that used gamification have experienced two times faster growth in their annual revenue than their peers.
  5. In a research by Pew Research Center, 53% of participants predicted that by the year 2020, gamification will spread far and wide among businesses, while 42% respondents have also predicted that, by 2020, gamification will not become a larger trend except in specific cases.
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