Top 5 Contact Center Trends To Follow In the Upcoming Months

Contact Center Trends

In a recent survey on the upcoming communication channel for the contact centers by Aberdeen Group, it has been clearly shown that the contact center trend is going to face a massive change in the year 2013.

It’s the month of April and financial year of 2013 has begun. So it’s natural that the contact centers are going to invest a lot in their infrastructure to boost their ROI.

Even at Fusion CX, we are witnessing large shifts in our call center premises. Here, we are going to discuss the current trend that most of the leading contact center are going to follow in the upcoming months.

1) Emotional Analysis Of The Callers

One of the crucial trends and this one truly needs a specific mention. What we see is that all the contact centers prioritize callers according to their emotional meter – how heated up or angry they are while making the call. This method is internationally accepted as it is able to determine the positive impact on the caller and the KPI (Key Performance Indicators). It is one of the automated ways to analyze the caller’s emotional status by taking into various factors like – pitch, timbre, tone etc.

2) Social Networking

Phone calls are prevalent but with the influx of the new communication channel like social media contacting the call centers have become easy. People have started to communicate via e-mails and other such devices like web/chat, instant messaging etc. More customer service channel means added burden, but the arrival of social media has changed the scenario a bit. Consumers across the world are using social media to do research on the product, express their opinion, influences the brand and reaches out to the companies. So, agents can easily communicate with customers via social channels.

3) Internalized Customer Records

As the demand for the personalized services has increased, so caller friendly services are getting popular. Contact center companies like Fusion CX do not hesitate to walk that extra mile to gain access to the customers and get customer’s full history before beginning the conversation through any channel. It is also applicable that companies like to have a formalized business approach to manage the social inquiries. At Fusion CX, we maintain it and shift the duty to customer service departments, thus sparing the marketing departments from taking the extra responsibility.

4) Virtual Assistant

Another significant trend that is predominantly used by the call centers is a virtual assistant. Bridging the gap between web and contact centers has always been the modus operandi of all the BPO companies. This was never an easy task to accomplish, but virtual employees and their contribution have changed it a lot. With the use of different channel, it becomes easy to support the customers by interactions. Innovative technologies also has a large role to play in this respect. The virtual assistant has taken a new turn with the implementation of technologies like text recognition and speech generation technologies.

5) Cloud Computing

Cloud computing world in going to increase by fourfold and will reach  all time record $150 billion. This vital statistic shows that the contact centers are going to feel the change in their processes with the use of cloud in this year. At Fusion CX, they help to maintain the right balance between traditional on premise resilience and offer the flexibility of state-of-the-art cloud enabled technologies.

Fusion CX has thought to move with the trend, and thus retain the leading position in BPO industry. Therefore, try to be the next generation call center with the use of current contact center trends today!

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