5 Ways to Adapt Customer Service Outsourcing for Post-Pandemic Success

Businesses have many reasons to feel optimistic this year. With all adults now eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine and the “new normal” becoming more familiar, the landscape looks brighter. Economists predict a strong economic recovery might be on the horizon.

However, the pre-pandemic normalcy is yet to arrive. Customers have changed significantly over the past year, and businesses must adapt to shifting customer preferences and behaviors.

Last year, consumer shopping patterns shifted dramatically, prompting us to introduce new techniques to adapt to these changes. This blog will explore five ways to adapt customer service outsourcing in a post-pandemic world.

1. Prioritizing Self-Service in Customer Service Outsourcing

According to a McKinsey report, one prominent change in customer behavior during the COVID crisis was the increased “digital inclination” for everyday activities, from grocery shopping to team building.

To keep up with digital transformation, companies must understand that customers often prefer a self-serve experience over interaction. They want the ability to resolve issues independently.

Call center outsourcing service providers are evolving to meet this demand. Self-service has taken center stage, allowing customers to take charge of their experience. However, when automated systems can’t handle customer problems, Fusion CX provides trained agents with 24/7 assistance.

2. Embracing Omnichannel Personalization

Customers continuously interact with various companies. Personalizing these interactions helps make customers feel valued.

More than 40% of customers will likely become repeat buyers after receiving personalized service communication, and many will recommend the brand to friends and family.

Thanks to advanced customer service software and tools, brands can deliver unprecedented levels of personalization in call center outsourcing services. Agents can access all the information they need in one system by syncing communication channels like phone, chat, email, and messaging. This includes customer conversation history, past promises, and preferred communication channels or languages.

As a leading customer service outsourcing provider, we greet your customers warmly and never ask them to repeat information they have already shared.

3. Redefining “Normal”

One positive outcome of 2020 was seeing a more compassionate side of top BPO companies. Fusion CX redefined “normal” with a people-centric approach to customer service outsourcing. We focus on the “humanization” of call center services, avoiding the pitfalls of becoming a telemarketing dinosaur.

Serving clients across various industries, we discovered that simply asking customers, “How can we help?” and supporting them through their crises can significantly impact them.

Shift your focus from merely achieving your goals to helping your customers achieve theirs. Use satisfaction surveys, online forums, or direct outreach through telephonic surveys to understand and support your customers. This post-pandemic approach to customer service outsourcing is straightforward: identify the problem and provide the solution.

4. Making Data-Driven Decisions

As a call center service provider, extracting data from every touchpoint of a customer’s journey is straightforward. Whether through website visits, emails, helpline calls, or AI Chatbots, every interaction generates valuable data. However, not all contact centers leverage this data effectively.

Data-driven decisions are crucial for better customer management. This is particularly true for retail and technology call centers.

5. Creating Magic Moments

While self-service is essential, sometimes it fails, and this is where creating magic moments becomes crucial. These are moments when agents go above and beyond to make customers feel heard and supported.

For instance, when a customer couldn’t pick up their order due to sudden quarantine restrictions, our retail call center quickly arranged for home delivery while adhering to safety protocols.

In another example, our technology call center agents resolved a complex issue for an elderly customer, ensuring they felt valued and supported.

These hyper-local service actions create memorable experiences for customers.

Partner with Fusion CX for Superior Customer Service Outsourcing

Fusion CX specializes in transforming your customer experience strategy into a winning game plan. Our comprehensive call center services ensure each piece of your customer management game is in place and performing at its best.

Why Choose Fusion CX?

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  • Comprehensive Support: Our team includes skilled managers, team leaders, and agents dedicated to delivering exceptional customer experiences.
  • Multi-lingual Support: Our services are offered in multiple languages to cater to a global customer base.
  • Continuous Improvement: We offer ongoing training and quality assurance to ensure your customer service remains top-notch.
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