Fusion CX Shares 5 Great Habits to Match the Lifestyle of a BPO Job

5 Great Habits

Have you joined a BPO job recently? Are you a recent graduate? Then the high pay scale, hip-n-happening work environment and fun-loving colleagues are surely going to make you happy.

Working in a BPO gives you the scope to enjoy a great nightlife with late night parties, pub party, boozing in bars since all these seem to you as the sign of good life. However, the other side should also be considered.

Yes, BPO jobs do have some odd ends, which ultimately make you suffer from health loss. Some common bad effects of a BPO job are:

  • Graveyard shift brings on depressions and ill health
  • Erratic sleeping patterns
  • Improper diet
  • Meals consumed at odd hours

The results of these bad habits – (are far worse) – feeling old quite early, tired, ill and depressed. Fusion CX has been in the industry since 9 years, and we are savvy enough about the good and bad side of BPO jobs. Through this blog, we want our employees to suit the lifestyle of a BPO job rather than get frenzied over it.

According to the University Of The Philippines’ Population Institute And The International Labor Organization a study done in 2010 revealed that half of the BPO workers experience fatigue (54%) and insomnia (47.7%). The situation is similar in every country that has a growing BPO industry. Therefore, we thought to share some cracking ideas to save our workers from the monotony of their job.

What is the solution?  – To get a balance in your work life and to match with the BPO lifestyle you need to adapt two mantras:

  • Taking enough rest
  • Eating the right food

Fusion CX is going to share five great exciting tips to help the employee agree with the BPO lifestyle. Do you want to explore more? So here we go.

Tip 1: Load Enough Proteins Before You Enter the Graveyard Shift

Which types of food are rich sources of protein? Well, grilled fish, chicken, eggs, tofu, soybean, and nuts are highly rich in proteins. Protein gained from foods is converted into amino acids by our body, and thus help to build muscles and blood. Protein saves you from unnecessary fatigue. Have enough protein from now if you work on a night shift!

Tip 2: Say ‘Yes’ To Carbs

Carbs are not always bad. Your body needs a certain amount of it. Yes, the foods rich in carbohydrate and tryptophan produce serotonin, a hormone that regulates mood, sleep, learning, and vasoconstriction (constriction of blood vessels). Whole grains and fruits are a good source of carbohydrate. You may also try vegetables such as potatoes, parsnips, and beans. For gaining tryptophan, consume cheese, chicken, tofu, soy, sesame, pumpkin seeds and turkey. A diet enriched with carbohydrate and tryptophan will help you to sleep better.

Tip 3: Dinner before 8 PM

Try to finish your dinner by 8PM. This will help you to give some time to your body to digest the food. Since, human science says after 8PM metabolism reduces largely. Therefore, it becomes harder for the body to digest food.

 Tip 4: Workout and Exercise

Figure out what kind of exercise will suit you. You have different ways to keep your body fit:

  • Workout in a gym
  • Swim few laps in a pool
  • Yoga sessions
  • Power yoga
  • Aerobics
  • Zumba
  • Pilates

Choose the exercise that suits you the best and make it a part of your life. Exercise will let you boost the brainpower, keep off the diseases and ward off mental stress. You will be able to build a positive mindset as regular exercise releases endorphins (happy hormones).

Tip 5: A Big ‘No’ to Caffeine and Nicotine

The call center workers have a tendency to drink a lot of coffee in a day. You can have a substitute in that case. Try buttermilk, herbal tea, green tea and basil tea. Green tea has anti-oxidants that help to neutralize free radicals. It’s good to be a non-smoker, don’t get tempted to smoke. Smoking can ruin your health and can lead to premature aging and early death at a younger age. Try to quit smoking.

Some healthy signs after you quit smoking:

  • Leaving smoking after a month, the blood circulation and lung-function increases.
  • Within 9 months, coughing and shortness of breath decreases.
  • Within 1 year heart diseases reduces.
  • Within five and ten years, you will avoid the risk of lung cancer.

Fusion CX presently has several thousand employees in their graveyard shifts in the four contact center cities – United States, Canada, India and the Philippines. We advise our employees to take up these great habits to modify their lifestyle and thus enjoy their BPO job in a relaxed manner.

Make room for the good things to start happening in your life as soon as possible. Balance your work and personal life now! Start following the tips today!!!

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