Insurance Leads: 5 Steps to Fetch It Easily with Lead Generation Companies

Insurance Leads

In the telemarketing business, we know that everyone tries to make a few calls and boost the business at one go. The phone is the ultimate source to gather, quality leads.

Outsourcing contact centers produces lead for the insurance agents or brokers through the advanced telemarketing tactics and lead generation services. At Fusion CX, our clients get exclusive leads so that they can stay in front of the clients closing business.

The only way to get better insurance leads is to employ the outsourced telemarketing services and sail on the same boat as the competitors. Check out how outsource telemarketing companies help the insurance agents gain powerful leads in 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Agents Must Say – Why They Are Calling?

In the first 20 seconds, most calls are either booked or lost. The agents are aware that they are interrupting the caller. Therefore, at the call center three rules for opening the calls are seriously followed:

  1. Giving a self-introduction to the customer
  2. Impressing them through a compelling statement
  3. Ending with an open-ended question

Step 2: Avoid Talking At Length in the Opening

At contact centers, the telemarketing agent simply engages the prospect in a conversation. On the common question of how or why, the customers ideally replies, that they are seeking the particular solution. However, agents never make a mistake to talk at lengths in the beginning of the call. An opening call of 7-minute length is surely going to turn a customer irate. Therefore, this rule is strictly followed by the telemarketing agents as a step ahead to gather quality leads.

Step 3: Agents Should Never Say That They Are Selling a Product

Yes, this is the most important approach that a telemarketing agent maintains. This aspect is another assured step to success. Agents know what they are going to sell. They generally sell an appointment and until they sold it, they won’t sell your product. At Fusion CX, we advice our agents not to make the mistake of going into deeper conversation until they make the appointment secured for the clients. Once the customers agree to meet, our agent clarifies the address, phone, e-mail, etc. to ease the task for the insurance agents.

Step 4: Qualifying the Appointment

The agents make sure that they hit on something in which the customer feels interested. It is the time to find out whether it matches up the insurance agent’s requirement or not. Agents never beg for appointment or take an appointment where the decision makers are absent. They do not waste time with meetings that are not likely to turn into a sale.

Step 5: Slowing Down, Listening Carefully and Reading Out the Script

Agents make sure that they stay calm when they place the call for particular customers on behalf of the insurance agents. Next step is to turn in a good listener, as listening is the hot button to success. Agents in reputed contact centers takes notes on what customers are saying, why customer chose the competitors or why they are not able to meet.

Finally, the telemarketing agent sticks to a script while they handle a campaign. Fusion CX is counted among the reputed lead generation companies for US, which at every step make sure that the insurance agent gets exclusive leads for turning them into potential customers.

Hit it! The contact centers make sure that they “Sell the Appointments and Not Products over the phone. Agents make sure that they close the appointment and the appointment only! This in turn makes the insurance agents and the broker succeed.

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