Are the Glory Days of Telephone Lead Generation Over? Fusion CX Begs to Differ

Telephone Lead Generation

In the age of online lead generation, one may think that it is time telephone lead generation should call it a day.  But that is not exactly the case; there are still some areas where telephone lead generation is the only viable solution.

Take B2B sales for example. CEOs of any prominent company are far less likely to have a social media presence. They neither open their own emails nor search for products and services. So, winning them over with online lead generation might not be the best of ideas. On the other hand, a timely, well scripted call with some personal touch can be the key to these situations.

In lead generation, the key to success is to find the most efficient means to reach your target demographic. If your target demographic includes specific industries where internet marketing still does not hold a firm footing, a personalized call might do the trick. In fact, there are a few important business niches where one needs telephone lead generation services to generate quality leads. These niches include:

  1. C-suite executives
  2. Busy business owners
  3. Employees and executives of government services
  4. Companies where social media is restricted or banned
  5. Industries, such as healthcare, that are governed by strict online policies
  6. Foreign companies that are sensitive to language and customs

With the emergence of smartphone, everyone is near a phone on a 24X7 basis. So, people who make decisions are more available on phone than via any other means. And that is where telephone lead generation comes into the picture.

However, if one does not plan things beforehand, lead generation can go horribly wrong. Therefore, one can consider hiring professional telephone lead generation services. They can provide a business with:

  • A team of experienced telemarketers
  • A high quality list of prospects
  • An effective script with value proposition is created after consulting the business
  • A CRM system that documents calls, capture leads and set appointments

These, together with some useful lead generation technique can help a business gain bulks of quality leads that can help a business gain more revenue in future.

Hiring a telephone lead generation service provider does not always do the trick. In order to execute a successful lead generation campaign, a business has to sit with the service provider to chalk out a campaign. In order to do so, a business should have detailed knowledge of its demographic. It will help the business and the service provider to chalk out a script that clearly states the value proposition to make their audience interested. The script should be simple, crisp and to the point. It should also clearly mention the purpose of calling.

The idea here is to make an impressive pitch and gain the attention of the prospect. And if a business works alongside its lead generation service provider, this goal can easily be reached.

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