Insurance BPO

Insurance BPO


Streamline your Productivity With Our Comprehensive Insurance Call Center & BPO Services

Insurance companies are increasingly moving towards a digital-first approach. This shift can drive new values if it successfully addresses customer expectations and keeps the operational cost in control. Partnering with an insurance call center & BPO services can help a business achieve this.

Why Do You Need an Insurance Call Center?

  • Seamless Claim Support:
  • Our insurance BPO can offer quality-assured claim support services to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and quick resolution.

  • Increased Sales:
  • The trained agents at our BPO company can help you increase your revenue with cross-selling and up-selling.

  • Complaint Handling:
  • Our 24x7 customer support offering can help you handle your customer complaint with maximum efficiency and expertise.

Why Choose Fusion CX for Outsourcing Insurance Services

We pride ourselves as the best insurance BPO company and deliver customer-centric services with maximum transparency. As a result, we can give you multiple reasons for choosing us for your insurance BPO services.

  • We have over 30+ years of experience delivering high-quality, cost-effective, path-defining customer experience as an insurance BPO. Our insurance outsourcing services are designed to help boost business efficiency, enhance profitability and promote customer satisfaction while ensuring compliance with insurance regulations.
  • We offer multilingual services for your insurance BPO services. With 40+ languages support, you can scale your business offerings to people across the globe without worrying about language barriers.

So, if you are looking to boost the efficiency of your insurance BPO operations, outsource to us for 100% quality assurance and customer satisfaction. Get in touch today!

Fusion CX is known to offer unparalleled insurance outsourcing services to clients from many locations. We have our presence across 27 locations in United States, UK, Albania, Morocco, India, Philippines, Colombia , Canada, Jamaica, El Salvador, Thailand, Mexico, Kosovo and Indonesia. Our Insurance BPO gives you excellent customer support services and helps with marketing and sales. We provide you with high-quality leads for a revenue boost and a high ROI.





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    Customer Service

    To ensure a better CX, we employ agents who are well-versed in dealing with customer queries and coming up with quick resolutions. So, we can help you improve your brand reputation with maximum customer satisfaction.

    Claim Management

    Managing a huge volume of insurance claims can be overwhelming for any insurance carrier. We can streamline your claim settlement processes with minimum wait time and no backlogs.

    Policy renewal

    We can help you connect with your existing policyholders when their policy tenures are coming to a close and pursue them to renew their policies on time so that there is no gap between the insured periods.

    New policyholder enrolments and onboarding

    We help you promote, enroll and onboard new policyholders and offer a superior customer experience from start. Our business process outsourcing services for insurance process are designed to offer a perfect blend of technology and human touch to boost customer satisfaction and boost customer loyalty.


    Our tech-driven CX for Insurance ensures higher customer retention. When your members get a positive experience while communicating with your brand, it results in a higher satisfaction rate, which results in a higher number of policy renewals and customer retention.

    Cross-selling & Up-selling

    With our expert insurance BPO services, you can augment your revenue with cross-selling and up-selling to your customers. This improved customer relations will also improve your brand loyalty and goodwill.


    Minimizing cost

    The mounting cost of operation poses a challenge for insurance providers. Outsourcing BPO services for insurance providers can help them manage all their operations in a cost-effective way.

    24/7 customer support

    As one of the top insurance outsourcing services provider, we offer round the clock customer support. So, whenever your customers face any challenges, they can easily interact with your brand and get their issues and queries resolved.

    Greater operational efficiency

    Our tech-driven solutions help you streamline your processes while ensuring high-quality customer experience. Thus, you can enjoy greater operational efficiency and improved productivity across processes.

    Error-free claim support

    With our expert insurance BPO services, we can verify, process, and settle insurance claims for claim settlements without any delay, ensuring timely and convenient payments for all parties involved.

    Boosted revenue

    Our end-to-end BPO services for Insurance can help you retain your customers, boost sales and renewals and minimize cost without compromising on CX delivery. As a result, it boosts your revenue.



    What kind of insurance services can be outsourced?

    You can outsource a range of insurance services to a BPO company like policy management, investment research, asset management, and insurance brokerage support, data management, bad debt recovery, insurance claim processing, answering service, customer care, commission management, acquisition, and accounting for insurance companies.

    What are the risks of Insurance BPO Services?

    The risks in outsourcing insurance services can be compliance breaches, data security risk, reputation management risk, customer dissatisfaction, technology malfunction, error in credit reporting, wrong market assessment risk, and operational risk due to lack of insurance knowledge.

    What are the benefits of insurance BPO services?

    Some of the benefits of outsourcing business process to an insurance BPO are improved customer experience, better customer engagement, reduced claim processing expenses, technology-driven insurance processes, and better relationships with policyholders.

    Why should I outsource insurance services to Fusion CX?

    You should outsource Insurance Services to Fusion CX because our BPO services for Insurance operates from 28 locations in 14 countries. Apart from our global delivery model, we also offer multilingual and multichannel support to Insurance companies. We are compliant with PCI-DSS that ensures data security.