9 Direct Response Marketing Trends Steering Wheel of Business In 2013

Direct Response Marketing Trends

“Leadership is a self-explaining term. It affirms unique ways that help to distinguish a leader from a follower.”

Business leaders are always after new ways to explore new markets and prospects. Thus, with the explosion of popular social media networks, businesses are trying to seek unique ways to serve their consumers.  For this reason, hardly any company denies taking advantage of the web marketing opportunities, with the help of digital media it has become easier to preserve the marketing plugs, advertising platforms and branding tools.

Now, you can draw an effort to speed up your business with direct response marketing.  Fusion CX, the leading contact center brand, enabled direct response marketing as their latest feature to help their clients drive high traffic.

Fusion CX has a deep insight on direct response-marketing trend, and thus here they have shared a scoop of benefits that businesses can get as soon as they enable the direct response marketing.

Here, you can get through a quick and updated list of the of direct response marketing trends of 2013 to tune up with the direct marketing efforts and get the most ROI out of every dollar that you spend.

9 Direct Response Marketing Trends

#1 Design Can Steal All the Attention

The copies splattered across the cumbersome Web pages are no more of use. A pleasant view of the product and the services helps to gain a lot of attention from the viewers. When you get down to design the product and services on your landing page, think of something simple yet beautiful. Do not fill up the landing page with non-essential elements. With this strategy, most of the business has hit the bull’s eye this year since the beginning.

#2 Sail on the Cloud

Cloud-based marketing tools are the latest craze and give the user an ability to collaborate and share projects without that awkward and system-based software. You can switch on to the use of MailChimp and Aweber for email lists, Unbounce and SiteSpect for landing page tests and conversion, CrazyEgg and PicNet for web page heat analysis, and BoostSuite or SEOSailor for site analysis.

#3 Visually Accessible Information

With the introduction of the popular social media networks like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, visually presented information has a steady growth. Recently, the Use of Infographics not only helps to have long looks and backlinks but also ensures that the audience who has low aggregate reading capabilities can also figure out the mail content and thus follow the call to action as provided.

#4 Going Mobile

Starting from iPads to tablets and the use of Smartphone all are taking the businesses by storm. Creating a mobile version of your website, product and services, as well as mobile apps, will help you to achieve the business goals easily.

#5 Attrition Measurement Is Valuable

Attrition measurement is about the value assigned to each of the business perspective that a prospect can face with your company. It is going to consider PPC, email marketing, SEO, and display advertising. It will let you know, where you are able to tap the most value.

#6 Draw Attention via Social Media

Previously it was impossible for the business to measure and monetize their social media loss or gain. With a variety of social media marketing platforms like ShortStack and Google’s Wildfire, it has become easier to leverage the social media marketing.

#7 Take a Ride with Video Marketing

We know that YouTube is the king of video marketing, but recently Vimeo has made a strong presence. People can watch about 5 billion online videos daily. About 68% of people share those links, directly with their acquaintances and close ones. Whatever video platform you might use, this is the most critical part of the direct response marketing.

#8 Capturing the Elusive Prospects

You might have heard about re-targeting. Retargeting helps you to focus on recapture of a prospect that dumps during the purchase. Sales funnel the important aspect that you need to build. Direct response call center uses retargeting to keep sales funnel filled. Direct response marketing makes sure that ROI for every dollar you spend helps to drive traffic to your site.

#9 Consider Email Marketing

Around 25% of the prospect denies seeing shopping carts email reminders. At direct response call center, we use the simple email delivery tools to bring your advertisement in front of prospects and pave way for the bigger sales. You just need to pay a small price to increase the visibility and ROI of your company.

With the use of direct response call center, you will be able to explore the international markets. Whatever may be the size of your business? – You can easily explore the Hispanic market with the use of direct response marketing. Just not some marketing trend you can make your business placed above the competitors in an unknown destination with the use of direct response call center.

Fusion CX on February 1st, 2012 overtook O’Currance one among the top leaders in the direct response Telesales industry. Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) is a global integrated media company ranked OCI among the Top 50 Teleservices Agencies of the world.

O’Currance is popular for providing exclusive packages and advanced technology services for its clients. Presently, OCI leverages the resources and capabilities of Fusion CX. With the Fusion CX’s 9 global delivery centers, OCI is getting a huge access to wider markets with multilingual support and can provide a wide array of services from outbound sales to lead generation.

Some of the robust advantages and services that OCI provides are:

  • Inbound and outbound call center services
  • Direct response marketing services
  • Infomercials call handling services
  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Data collection and management services
  • Media Tracking

To create wide awareness among your customers and to boost the ROI switch on to direct response marketing to stay ahead of your competitors. Explore the new path of business success!

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