We believe in leading by example. For us - diversity, inclusion, and equality are not just principles - they are the central pillars of our business.


We make sure to provide equal opportunities to everyone associated with us through our internal initiatives and inclusive hiring process. It has led us to strengthen our organization across nine countries with a 14K+ diverse workforce.


Gender equal workplace

At Fusion CX, we are committed to providing a respectful, professional, and accepting environment for people of all genders. We ensure it by onboarding people from gender-diverse backgrounds to decision-making positions by taking special strategic initiatives to promote a gender-sensitive culture. This commitment also reflects in the composition of our workforce, which currently consists of 48.1% women.

Free of racial bias

We are dedicated to a racially inclusive workplace. We make sure of it by including people from different ethnicities and nationalities in our decision-making process, by implementing a strict zero-tolerance policy against racial discrimination throughout the organization.

Culturally Inclusive

We strive to be a workplace that is accepting of people from all cultures. We take conscious steps towards assimilating the cultural diversity of our people into our business ethos. This includes celebrating cultural heritage through festivals, inclusive policy implementation, and encouraging the hiring of people from minority groups.

A Platform to grow

At Fusion CX, we are committed to creating employment opportunities for young people. With our hiring initiatives, we onboard school and college pass outs into various departments to nurture their talents. We also participate in job fairs and establish partnerships with educational institutions to broaden our reach of hiring young talent.


Our social responsibility is driven by the passion to make a difference in the society that we work in. In this endeavor, we partner with various welfare organizations to organize impactful initiatives, especially in health and education.




Blood Donation Camp: Helping Thalassaemia Patients

Over 80 employees along with our COO participated in our annual blood donation camp. Speaking about the initiative, Mr. Kishore Saraogi, COO, Fusion CX said, "Sadly we do not realize how widespread such diseases are. And anyone of us can be a carrier. We, as educated professionals, should come up and do our bit to contribute to society. We take this opportunity to thank all our employees and Ashok Blood Bank for the effort to come up and do something for the society."


Fusion CX Donates: Goonj NGO

We were proud to be a part of Goonj's 'Cloth for Work', an initiative that channelizes excess resources from urban households to impoverished, rural, and disaster-stricken areas. With coordinated efforts, they contributed over 23 bags full of clothes to their efforts.

"The initiative helps flood victims in the Himalayas and cyclone victims in Odisha, India. We are proud of our contribution collected in a short period and wish to carry out such contributions in the future as well. Our Employees were enthusiastic to donate, and we managed to collect over 300 pieces of clothing. We hope our contribution benefits those who are needy," says Oindrila Banerjee, HR - Fusion CX.


Cebu Team Pledges PHP 1 Million To Help Victims Affected By Typhoon Rai

Fusion CX Cebu, in line with its "Human First" approach, pledged to raise PHP 1 Million to help the victims in The Philippines affected by Typhoon Rai in December 2021. The donations were utilized to help the affected families rebuild their lives.
"The storm has passed, but the devastation still remains massive. The damage has left a majority of the people with nothing, their houses washed away, wrecked, and destroyed by the strong winds, leaving them homeless. However, the Filipino spirit of camaraderie, resilience, and optimism prevails. In the spirit of this, we hope to raise PHP 1M to buy these families the materials and necessities to (re)build," said Barbara Atillo, Director of Client Success, Fusion CX.


Donation to ABS CBN Foundation Inc for Flood Victims

Fusion CX Manila extended a helping hand to the victims affected by the typhoon that devastated the Philippines in December 2012 – with a generous donation of Php 14,500 and over 20 bags of clothing to the ABS CBN Foundation.
"The floods have caused a lot of chaos and confusion. It is an unfortunate situation for those who have been forced to move out of their houses and stay at shelters. We hope things get better and offer our support for it," says Vineet Verma, Country Manager, Fusion CX, Manila.


Helping Sick Children's Foundation

Fusion CX has been helping the Bay St. George Sick Children's Foundation for the past three years. Staff members from STV Newfoundland man the phones to accept pledges from around the world, and we make generous donations to this local organization. This year, we donated $300 to support the activities of the Foundation. "SickKids Foundation has been operational for over a decade and has supported over 150 families. We wish to encourage such communities that work hard to support ailing kids. We feel proud to be a part of this initiative," said Cheryl Johnson, Director, Service Delivery.