Contact Center Management: 5 Key Lessons to Adopt

Contact Center Manager

Being a part of prestigious contact center management, we understand that the job is not something for the weak at heart. Dealing with everyday problems is the basic task of the outsourcing companies. Maybe at times, you have to deal with the multiple stakeholders. Satisfying customers, clients and employees are measurable tasks. It leaves the contact center management stressed and pressured.

Therefore, it is must for the contact center managers and team leaders to reduce their tension and run a high-performance operation. How to maintaining the both minimize tension and accelerate the performance?

What may be essential to achieve this target? – Building up of the leadership culture is essential for achieving this target.

What is the Leadership Culture?

According to a survey by Center for Creative Leadership, creating a leadership culture is necessary not only for managers and team leaders, but the agents also must agree. They must comply with the 5 key indicators – communication, principles of ownership, planning, action and partnership.


Make sure that you communicate clearly, when you give an instruction or make a request, do give a proper justification to support your statement. Pick the phone whenever needed, and write down the interpretation of the conversation, as everyone perceives conversations in a different manner. This scribbling down of the conversation will give you clarification of understanding.

Use “we” instead of “I” or “you”.  This helps to remove the defensiveness and potential feelings of blame while talking to a customer.

Principles of Ownership

Being a contact center manager if you find some action item is associated with your name, and then own it. If the item is valuable, then follow-up, unless leadership directs you in other way.

Ask people: “How may I help you?”, when you think to deal with them. Remember: a leader also serves!


It is crucial for the contact managers to set goals. At Fusion CX, we do set goals and try to identify the cycles so that our managers can prepare in advance and deliver before being asked. Be proactive, know the audience and anticipate a response for better results.


Do have ‘Plan A’ and ‘Plan B’ both in your hand, if you are going to jump into the action. This ensures effective contact center management. Sometimes action is associated with risk and risk might lead to mistakes. However, inaction is also risky.

When you think to seek something in urgency, do not lose focus. Since, in urgency you will meet only chaos and confusion. Do not react on the stressful situations and keep a strong hold on the clarity and relevance. Do conduct a root analysis on issues to gain a fuller knowledge of the business.


Customers are everything that a call center has. Not only customers but agents, clients, successors etc all are an essential part of a call center. It is good to balance the things in a right manner and serve the people with the best interest. Everyone might not be happy all the time, but carefully listen to them through Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) or Employee Satisfaction (ESAT) surveys, exit interviews, focus groups, call recordings etc.

At Fusion CX, our people the ones who are associated with our contact center actively follow the basic five rules stated above to lessen the stressful operations on the contact center floor.

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