E-commerce Customer Service – 8 Perks of Outsourcing

E-Commerce Business

Online shopping has significantly boosted the e-commerce industry by bringing everything to users’ fingertips. However, managing an online portal is not easy. You need to provide your users with adequate customer support, assistance for returns and refunds, solutions for technical issues, and other customer concerns. Maintaining a large in-house team to address these matters can be costly, affecting your revenue and profit. For this reason, many e-commerce businesses opt for a call center outsourcing partner to handle all customer interactions and deliver an excellent customer experience.

Outsourcing saves time, is cost-effective, and can boost business productivity. 

Perks you can enjoy by outsourcing e-commerce customer service

1. Real-Time Response

Customers today expect instant responses to their queries. Call center outsourcing partners play a significant role in providing real-time responses, integrating seamlessly with your business to deliver efficient customer service.

2. Reduced Turnaround Time (TAT)

Customers usually contact support when they have issues that require quick resolution. The average turnaround time for resolving such issues is 24 hours, but no customer wants to wait that long in this age of real-time communication. Modern call centers can reduce TAT to 4 hours or less, depending on the channel and solution availability. Efficient call center agents are capable of delivering first-contact resolution.

3. 24/7 Availability

An e-commerce business operates around the clock, and people from different time zones can engage. Therefore, it is essential to be available for customer queries and issues 24/7. A call center outsourcing partner ensures that your customer support is always accessible, no matter the time or day.

4. Flexibility to Handle High Volume of Interactions

E-commerce sales volumes spike during shopping festivals, holidays, and other festivities. As revenue increases, so do call volumes, with customers seeking resolutions for queries, issues, returns, and refunds. During peak seasons, having more hands on deck is crucial. An outsourcing partner can handle this situation effectively. Experienced e-commerce call centers like Fusion CX have the resources to scale agent volume up or down as needed quickly, ensuring prompt and superior customer assistance even during busy periods. This boosts customer satisfaction, turning customers into loyal brand advocates.

5. Time Savings for In-House Operations

Call center outsourcing not only saves time but also limits capital expenses. With a call center partner, you no longer need to hire and train in-house agents. This saves costs related to employee attrition, service management, and infrastructure maintenance. Outsourcing frees up your in-house team to focus on core objectives, enhancing overall productivity.

6. Customer-Friendly Services

The success of an e-commerce business lies in its user-friendly services. Outsourcing allows you to deliver these services more effectively, keeping customer convenience in mind. As a result, the customer-business relationship improves. With outsourced call center services, you can provide efficient 24/7 customer support, ensuring an enhanced customer experience.

7. Multichannel Benefits

Gone are the days when companies had only one interaction channel – the telephone. Today, customers interact through various channels, including email, chat, text, social media, and IVR. An experienced multichannel call center enables you to engage with customers via their preferred channels, providing a seamless experience.

8. Multilingual Advantages

E-commerce businesses often have customers worldwide, many of whom may not speak English as their native language. These customers may be more comfortable interacting in their native languages. A multilingual customer service call center partner like Fusion CX supports the primary languages your customers speak, enabling better service and higher customer satisfaction scores.


Outsourcing some of your non-core customer interaction services to an experienced multichannel and multilingual customer service call center can offer significant benefits. With years of experience delivering excellent customer service for e-commerce clients through multiple channels and various languages, Fusion CX can be your ideal call center partner. To learn more about our service offerings, contact us today.

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