Unlocking BFSI Accounts Receivable CX Strategies



The Financial Services (BFSI) industry demands a healthy cash flow. Inefficient Accounts Receivable (A/R) processes hinder growth and stifle your institution’s ability to invest, innovate, and deliver exceptional customer experiences (CX).

Fusion CX, a leader in BFSI Accounts Receivable CX solutions, understands the intricacies of A/R management. We offer ten strategic actions to optimize liquidity and elevate your A/R

1.     Establish Robust Credit Policies:

Define clear credit terms, including due dates, penalties, and incentives. Transparent communication builds trust and reduces payment delays. Atradius reports 53% of businesses faced late payments in 2023, averaging 23 days overdue. Clear policies mitigate this.

2.     Streamline Invoicing and Billing:

Ditch manual processes. Adopt a sophisticated system prioritizing accuracy and ease of use. Utilize e-invoicing and online portals for faster payments and reduced costs. Billtrust finds e-invoicing cuts costs by up to 80%.

3.     Prioritize Proactive Collections:

Don’t wait for delinquency. Implement regular follow-ups, automated reminders, and a graduated communication strategy. This approach improves collection rates and avoids legal action. Dun & Bradstreet shows businesses recovering 91% of overdue invoices with active collections in BFSI Accounts receivable.

4.     Leverage Technological Innovation:

Invest in cutting-edge BFSI Account Receivable automation software. Integrate invoice generation, payment processing, collections, and reporting. This frees your team, reduces errors, and provides valuable insights. PYMNTS.com reports 80% of businesses using A/R automation see increased efficiency.

5.     Monitor Key Metrics Rigorously:

Track DSO, collections effectiveness, and bad debt percentage. Benchmark against industry standards to identify improvement areas. The Hackett Group’s median DSO for financial services is 40 days.

6.     Offer Diverse Payment Options:

Cater to client preferences with online portals, credit cards, ACH transfers, and recurring payments. This flexibility enhances satisfaction. A smooth payment experience boosts loyalty.

7.     Cultivate Strong Client Relationships:

Open communication, proactive problem-solving, and negotiation foster a positive payment culture. Positive experiences lead to faster payments and referrals.

8.     Continuously Review Credit Policies:

Adapt credit policies to changing conditions. Analyze payment history and assess risk. Adjust terms to minimize risk while maintaining relationships.

9.     Outsource for Specialized Expertise:

Consider outsourcing collections or dispute resolution if needed. This lets your team focus on core activities. The BFSI Accounts Receivable CX is projected to grow at 9.2% CAGR from 2022 to 2027.

10. Partner with Fusion CX:

Our comprehensive Accounts Receivable CX solutions, tailored for BFSI, combine expertise, technology, and a customer-centric approach. We unlock cash flow, reduce bad debt, and fuel growth.


Effective A/R management is vital for success. Embrace these strategies and partner with Fusion CX to transform your A/R operations. Drive liquidity, enhance customer satisfaction, and achieve sustainable growth. Contact us today.

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