A Positive Customer Experience Is The New Lead Generation Tool

Positive Customer Experience Is The New Lead Generation Tool

Want to excel in lead generation? Here’s a piece of advice, put traditional lead generation techniques on the backseat. There’s a new lead generation technique in town and it is creating quite a buzz.

So, what happened to the old lead generation techniques? They are certainly not dead, are they? Well, no. Good old lead generation techniques are still in business, but they have lost some of their effectiveness due to gross misuse, and overuse.  Also, the low-trust and short-attention span world do not have time for those lead generation techniques anymore.

So, what should you do? Toss your lead generation practices and hope that more people get interested your business over that of your competitors without any action on your part?   Certainly not. But, as the world around you is evolving, your lead generation ideology needs to change too.

The Shift in Lead Generation

In earlier days small and medium business owners and organizations could go into the marketplace and hunt down new leads and prospects with a targeted approach. The ground rule was to find a message that resonated with your audience and distribute that message through a channel that reached the right people.

Following advancement of technology and the internet boom, traditional lead generation took a paradigm shift. The internet is where the prospects are, why go anywhere else to generate leads? Of course, traditional over-the-phone lead generation campaign can still bring good results, but compared to reaching all these prospects at once, the traditional campaign lost its charm.

However, just using the internet for lead generation lost its charm even quicker, thanks to the advancement in technology. Today your prospects are armed with different ad-blocking tools and technology that allows them to mute any message that doesn’t interest them. Not to mention social media created two-way communication between brands and customers.

So, how can you generate new leads in such a situation?

It’s quite simple actually! Get people talking about your business and you will have prospects interested. Yes, that is how referrals, PR, SEO and links happen these days.

However, all you need to make sure is that what people are saying about your business and brand has a positive undertone.  A few negative reviews can be enough to drive the prospects away. But how can you make people write positive reviews or make recommendations for your brand?

According to a recent survey on what motivates customers to make recommendations or get them talking – stated, a whopping 93% of respondents cite “a positive experience with the brand.”

positive experience with the brand

Yes, you read that right. And why not? A positive brand experience makes the customers happy. And everyone knows that happy customers are the most potent marketing assets an organization can have. It’s a powerful lead generation channel.

In fact, a positive customer experience and a happy customer is the greatest lead generation tool available.  They will talk about their experience and your brand anywhere, online as well as offline and make prospects interested in your brand.

In this low-trust world, trust is the new form of lead conversion. And when more people choose to talk positively about you, trust can be acquired in no time, generating more leads along the way.

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