Can Innovative Contact Center Technologies Boost Up the Key Performance Indicators (KPI)?

Key Performance Indicators

Contact centers spent a large sum (in millions) every year on different advanced and innovative technologies. Why do contact centers spend huge amounts on advanced technologies?  It’s simply out of the hope of improving the company’s competitive position, operational performance and cost structure.

Managers assume that the sophisticated contact center technology provides better performance and in turn improves the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

What are the KPIs? –

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • First Contact Resolution
  • Cost Per Contact

Even we at Fusion CX do strive to improve our KPI factors, to keep our customer satisfaction level high.

Although many call centers opt for technological improvement each year based on the assumption that better technology will result in better performance and boost the KPIs, hardly any company has done a thorough research on the diverse contact center to indicate whether a relationship truly exist between technology and better performance or not.

CISCO and other large companies like Benchmarkportal and Naquitline recently did a thorough research and collected huge data to determine the relationship between the contact center technologies and performance. After their research, many companies have looked through the survey and reached a similar overview – “better contact center technology has a lot to contribute. “

Companies are of the opinion more advanced technologies means effective customer interaction and better outputs. They reached a desirable conclusion that advanced technologies can improve the following factors.

  • Better Customer Satisfaction
  • Low Cost per Call
  • Increase the First Contact Resolution
  • Rise in Calls Handled By Each Agent per Hour
  • Reducing the Queue Time
  • Improving Satisfaction of Agents

Well, let us look into the data, which different contact centers have calculated during their individual surveys.

1) According to Benchmarkportal; the advanced contact center technology improves the first call resolution rate between 4% to 13%, with the use of the following technologies like:

  • Advanced Call Reporting And Analytical Tools
  • Contact Center Data Analytics
  • Advanced Call Routing Capabilities

2) According to Naquitline, reports of cost per call lowers as much as 35% with advanced contact center technologies. The field which it lowers the call cost include:

3) According to the findings of Benchmarkportal, contact center can notice the improvement of Top Box Customer Satisfaction (means the customers who rate their satisfaction mark as 5 out of 5) by between 5% and 7% using modern technologies like:

  • Workforce Management
  • Cradle To Grave Reporting
  • Contact Data Analytics

4) Improves the Bottom Box Customer Satisfaction (customers who rate their satisfaction in 1 out of 5) between 39% and 66% with the use of:

5) The survey done by the famous companies like CISCO also found that the technologies are also able to improve the calls per agent in an hour by 6% and 18%, using:

  • Natural Language IVR
  • CTI & Apps Integration
  • Multi Criteria Routing
  • Presence-Based Expert Escalation
  • Unified Cross-Channel Routing

6) Escalates the Top Box Agent Satisfaction (agents who rate themselves 1 out of 5 for overall satisfaction) between 4% to 11% says Benchmarkportal, with the use of technologies like:

  • Advanced Reporting & Analytics
  • Agent Desktop with CTI
  • CTI & Apps Integration
  • Real Time Agent Feedback Tools

7) The contact center also witnessed the decline in Average Queue Time between 12% to 43% by the use of technologies like:

  • Blended Routing
  • Presence Based Expert Escalation
  • Courtesy Call Back while in Queue
  • Multi Criteria Routing

8) Improves the Multi-Channel support like e-mail and chat to increase performance by implementing technologies like:

  • Universal Multi-Channel Queue
  • Unified Cross-Channel Routing
  • CTI & Apps Integration

Everywhere the result affirmed that the contact centers of today could be the potent enablers of superior performance. For both, satisfying the customers and improving financial performance of the contact center.

We saw that this research found that cost and quality are not at odds. With advanced contact center technology, one can lower the call cost but can withhold their customer satisfaction level.

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