5 Most Popular New Year Resolutions by Our Call Center Agents For 2015

A new year marks new beginning. Every year, people from across the world make some spirited resolutions on New Year. So, last week we asked our agents what they want to achieve this New Year and got a huge response from them.

When we looked closely, we found that despite different answers there are some popular resolutions for most of them.

Here are the 5 most popular resolutions that our agents have made for 2015:-

  1. Learn New Skills to Improve Efficiency

Everyone wants to improve themselves and if their goal of self-improving has a positive impact on their profession – it brings them more joy. For this reason, a large section of our agents has chosen learning a new skill as their priority in their new year’s resolution.

Now did they have the same skill set in mind? Well, no.  Some wanted to get better organized, some wanted to work on their MS-Excel skills, and some wanted to learn a new language altogether. But all these resolutions had a common purpose – to aid them in their professional field as well as their personal lives.

Fusion CX is always ready to help its agents. We have different training sessions in which we train our agents on subjects like – time management, organization, corporate communication, etc. Our department heads are always willing to help young talents learn new skills that will help them advance in their career.

  1. Become a Better Team Player

Together each achieve more – what can be a better definition of a team? In a team, everyone has got each other’s back. They help each other in tough issues, keep each other company in tense situations and together find ways to emerge from it.

A call center team is no exception.  Each agent helps their peers to deliver their best service to their clients. However, new agents often find it a little tough to adjust with the rest of the team.  At that time, it is the responsibility of the team to accommodate the new agents and make them feel at home. If they can do it, they will become a better team and good team players.

At Fusion CX, we often do some team building exercises to strengthen the bond between each team member. We strongly recommend that a team should also go for small outings and dinners. After all, a team that eats together stays together.

  1. Treat Each Caller with Empathy to Make them Feel Comfortable

In the age of state-of-the -art customer service, every customer wants to be pampered by call center agents every time they call the customer care.  And it is the agent’s responsibility to make each customer feel special with prompt service, first call issue resolution, and cordial behavior.  But is that enough?

In this age of multichannel connectivity, customers have become a fan of personalized attention.   To meet their demands, every call center agent first needs to understand their situation and then deliver a solution depending on the issue.  Therefore, they need to treat every customer with empathy. It will allow them to give each customer the personalized attention they require.

At Fusion CX, we always train the agents to treat every customer with empathy. In case some agents feel that they are not being able to fully empathize with the customers, they can always opt for one of these trainings anytime.

  1. Pay Attention to Fitness

Now this one needs no introduction.  It is on everyone’s New Year resolution list for 2015 (and pretty much for every year).  A fit body and healthy mind is a prerequisite of every aspect of one’s life – be it professional or personal.

However, maintaining the fitness can be quite challenging a task for the call center agents who work night shifts or graveyard shifts. Therefore, fitness has always been a matter of concern for call center agents. However, if they maintain a balance in their lives by taking adequate shut-eye, eating good diet and exercising, they can work their way towards their desired fitness level.

At Fusion CX, we take the health of each agent very seriously.  Besides setting up regular medical camps at the office, we also offer them tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Climb the Corporate Ladder by Cracking the Next IJP

A large section of the call center workforce is young people. They have this burning desire to prove their worth and climb the corporate ladder. And the best way of moving up in the organization is through internal job posting.

At Fusion CX, we love ambition, and we wholeheartedly support an agent who wants to move up the corporate ladder.  An agent can opt for our ongoing training sessions to harness their skills and at the same time ask their seniors for advice. And when they get selected in the internal job posting (IJP), we are as happy as they are for their success.

After all these, you must be wondering about our New Year resolution.  Simple, our resolution is to deliver state of the art customer service throughout the year.

And with that note Fusion CX wants to wish each of you a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2015!

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