Fusion CX’s Take on Employee Welfare in BPO

Fusion CX’s Take on Employee Welfare

BPO industry today is one of the most prominent industries in India, providing millions of jobs. However, it is also an industry with high attrition levels.

And to keep the attrition in check a number of BPO players are making considerable investments in resources and employee welfare services. The companies are also embracing several employee-friendly policies, such as innovative pay structure and job enrichment.

Being one of the top players in the BPO industry, Fusion CX too has faced issues with high attrition rates.

In order to cope with the problem, Fusion CX has made some changes to its policies to make it more employee-friendly. As a result they experienced a steep decline in the attrition rates.

So, what benefits did Fusion CX offer to its employees? Fusion CX says it is an eclectic mix of Job enrichment / enhancements, training programs and innovative pay structures –

Employee Benefits offered by Fusion CX:

    1. Medi-claim Insurance Scheme: This insurance scheme is to provide insurance coverage to employees and their dependent family members (spouse, non-earning parents and children above three months). At Fusion CX employees are entitled to ESI (Employee State Insurance).
    2. Subsidized Food and Transportation: The organizations provide transportation facility to all the employees from home till office at subsidized rates. The lunch provided is subsidized. At Fusion CX, we provide our employees with pick-up and drop facility and a lunch allowance.
    3. Company Leased Accommodation: Some of the companies provides shared accommodation for all the out station employees.  The purpose is to provide to the employees to lead a more comfortable work life balance. At Fusion CX we have a guest house for our outstation employees.
    4. Recreation, Cafeteria, and Concierge facilities: At Fusion CX, our HR team conducts different recreational activities like – singing competition, puzzle solving, poster drawing competition, from time to time.  Apart from that we have a 24-hour cafeteria and concierge facility.

Crazy Hat Event at Fusion CX (Draper,UT)
Freedom Day Celebration at Fusion CX (India)
Customized Shades & Crazy Tie at Fusion CX (Manila)

  1. Cellular Phone / Laptop: Cellular phone and / or Laptop are provided to the employees on the basis of business need. Whereas, the employee is responsible for the maintenance and safeguarding of the asset. At Fusion CX, we provide eligible employees with laptop/cell phone facility. Safekeeping of the same is the responsibility of the employee.
  2. Personal Health Care (Regular medical check-ups): Some of the BPOs provide the facility for general health check-up. For employees with above 40 years of age, the medical check-up can be done once a year. At Fusion CX we offer health camps at our office premises every year.
  3. Skill development: Fusion CX always encourages its employees to learn and develop new skills.  For this reason, the company often arrange for skill development training and personality development training.
  4. Performance based incentives: Many BPO companies today have plans for, performance based incentive scheme. Process performance i.e. speeds; accuracy and productivity of each process are considered to b the parameters for calculation. At Fusion CX we too have performance based incentives to all our employees.
  5. Regular Get together and other cultural programs: The BPO companies organize cultural programs as and when possible. Through this program the companies provide its employees with the opportunity to showcase their talents in singing, acting, drawing etc.  At Fusion CX too we organize competitions, rangoli making, poster drawing and many other events. We also like to celebrate festivities with our employees. We also conduct various intra-office sports programs such as Cricket, football, etc.
  6. Employee Referral Scheme: Several companies implement employee referral scheme to encourage employees to refer friends and relatives for employment in the company.  At Fusion CX too we have a similar kind of referral scheme for our employees.

Apart from these benefits, Fusion CX also takes care of the well-being of its employees. That’s the reason they shifted most of their non-voice processes to day shift so that a large section of their employees can work in the morning shift.

Those who work on night shifts also get rotational shifts so that they too do not have to work in the wee hours at night. Working against the biological clock may often lead to health issues. Fusion CX does not want its employees, who are the true assets of the company.

Fusion CX believes in the motto that if you are truly interested in your employees, they too stay interested in you. We make an effort to retain talent and our hard work often pays off.

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