Gen Y Employees: The X- Factor that Drives BPO Industry Towards Success!

Gen Y Employees

Gen Y evolved soon after Gen X, and when we talk about them, yes, we slightly become blind in our perceptions. But why?

  • Do we feel that age-old generation gap?  
  • Are we too old to accept the Gen Y people?
  • Does Gen Y overpower Gen X?

Gosh! We have so many questions to answer. Gen Y employees are those born between 1980 and 2000. A common perception about them is that they are less involved, more self-absorbed, and of course lazier than Gen X.

Many webinars have unfolded the queries on the Gen Y recently. The webinars revealed that Gen Y workforce is different and their working pattern is an inspiration for the present business processes. Gen Y involved with contact centers do involve past moving perceptions and embraces the generation’s role to bring out effective changes.

A study on Gen Y Employee Engagement by BusinessWire shows how positive, enthusiastic and motivating are the Gen Y employees. Well, they have a lot of why’s in their life.

  • Why we are handling the process in this way?
  • Why we are not approaching it in an efficient manner?

These why’s of Gen Y are actually changing the workplace. This is not self-absorption, but a broader statement of a generation that cares much passionately about how they are going to live their life.

Yes, the perceived boredom in the workplace has given rise to the cultural shifts that has occurred over a past few decades – outsourcing, massive layoffs etc. Yet, they are turning out to be the most promising employees of the contact centers.

Therefore, the contact center must welcome this generation of employees and reduce the 5 common misperceptions to create a better call center environment. What are those misperceptions?

Let us reveal, so that the contact centers can earn some potential benefits from Gen Y’ers-

  • Do They Really Lack Work Ethics?

Check out the top outsourcing companies, you will come to know that they dispel this myth (Gen Y does not have work ethics). Gen Y workers are a little different from Gen X. They crave for satisfaction and appreciation for their work. You have to inspire them, by explaining the work pattern and the working part they love the most.

  • Gen Y Workers Are Not Focused

Contact center managers must understand that the outlook of Gen Y changes drastically. They are actually multi-taskers, and they can operate between different systems to solve problems of the customers easily. Wow! What an excellent advantage the customers can get from Gen Y. So, use it!

  • Do They Respect Management?

Constant questioning by Gen Y people is no more perceived as disrespect. It is rather a huge benefit for the contact centers as it brings changes in the work process. Moreover, it is necessary for the outsourcing companies to ask how much respect to give out to their Gen Y workers and ask what they can do to foster a greater culture of respect.

  • Do They Stay Engaged at the Workplace?

If you want to create a sense of community around the workplace, then it is going to create a long way for engaging both workers and other employees. Programs such as social outgoings or the softball leagues, helps the company to start building a healthy community with Gen Y employees.

  • Can They Handle Criticism?

Another misconception which we generally have against the Gen Y employees is that they cannot handle criticism. Gen Y workers do not avoid criticism, rather they actively look for feedback and challenges to some common perceptions. As the criticism at times is aggressive, it does not give feedback to employees, but Gen Y is not counted among them.

Fusion CX encourages Gen Y employees at their call center premise, as their positive outlook towards life helps them to provide better customer service. Gen Y employees move with the evolving technology, to give fast and effective solutions, that not only generates better ROI for business, but also a good repute for the call center they work with.

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