Call Center Solutions for the Open Enrollment Season

At Fusion CX, we understand the pressure cooker environment call centers face during the  Open Enrollment Period (OEP).  A surge in inquiries, strict deadlines, and a competitive talent pool can quickly turn this crucial period into a logistical nightmare. But fear not!  Here, our member experience experts share their battle-tested strategies to ensure your call center is fully equipped to handle the influx and deliver exceptional customer service.

The Open Enrollment Challenge: A Three-Headed Monster

  • Ticking Clock:  Open Enrollment periods have unforgiving deadlines.  A recent industry report found that most call centers experienced increased customer frustration due to missed deadlines during the last Open Enrollment. Don’t let this be you!
  • The Hiring Hunger Games:  With many organizations recruiting for Open Enrollment simultaneously, finding qualified agents becomes a fierce competition.  Industry data shows that 72.8% of recruiters struggle to find relevant applicants during peak hiring seasons.
  • The Shrinking Talent Pool:  Today’s job market presents a unique challenge – a limited number of active job seekers, many of whom are passively browsing while employed. HR Cloud reports that 73% of candidates are currently employed but open to new opportunities, making it crucial to stand out.

Expert Solutions for a Great Member Experience

  1. Proactive Planning is Key: Take your time!  Start your agent search well in advance.  Consider partnering with a seasoned healthcare BPO like Fusion CX.  Our extensive network and proven recruitment strategies allow us to scale up qualified staff with healthcare expertise quickly.
  2. Think Like a Candidate:  In a competitive market, attracting top talent requires a compelling offer.  Consider flexible work arrangements like work-from-home options and attractive benefits packages.  At Fusion CX, we leverage our recruitment expertise to tailor offers that resonate with candidates in your region.
  3. Minimize Agent Churn:  High call center agent turnover can throw a wrench in your enrollment operations.  Look for a BPO provider with a proven low agent turnover track record.  At Fusion CX, we achieve this through a positive work environment, comprehensive training programs, and competitive compensation.  Additionally, we recommend “over-hiring” to account for some attrition during training, ensuring you have enough agents throughout the season.

The Fusion CX Advantage: Your Open Enrollment Partner

By partnering with Fusion CX, you gain access to a pool of experienced healthcare agents who are well-versed in insurance plans and marketplace dynamics.  This translates to efficient call handling, accurate information delivery, and a significantly smoother member experience.

Ready to Streamline Your Open Enrollment?

Keep Open Enrollment from becoming a source of stress.  Let Fusion CX be your partner in success!  Request your free, no-obligation call center cost proposal today and take the first step toward a record-breaking Open Enrollment season.

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