Top 7 Outsourcing Trends that will Rule in 2021

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The business Process Outsourcing industry has rapidly developed, evolved, and embraced the latest technology. With new economic policies, emerging technology, and advanced job descriptions for BPO professionals, further predictions for future growth are apparent. Varied MNCs are now looking to outsource BPO services to popular call center service providers and outsourcing destinations like the Philippines, India, Albania, Jamaica, and even the US and UK. The BPO sector is constantly fueling itself with advanced tools and problem-solving strategies. The top 7 Outsourcing trends that will be the flag bearer of the BPO sector in 2021 are listed below. Take a look.

Top 7 Outsourcing Trends that will Rule in 2021

Smaller teams, more agile businesses

2020 has taught us important business lessons. Now, companies know the pros of working in small teams. They outsource most non-core functions, such as answering services, skip tracing support, customer care, telemarketing, live chat support services, etc. With large companies reducing their internal workforce, the need for outsourcing agencies is increasing. By outsourcing repetitive and domain-centric processes, organizations will function better with stakeholders and focus on business development. The introduction of various compliances has made it easier for organizations to trust call centers. Most BPOs emphasize improving data safety measures to stir more confidence. As the saying goes, every crisis comes with opportunities; COVID-19 made business more agile, with remote working and smaller teams.

Remote working will be the new normal.

The impact of COVID-19 on businesses was microscopic when it first hit. But with time, the pandemic took a devastating turn, and the global economy started to fall. Only in the last few months did the economy start picking up. Why? Today, most companies have adapted to the new normal business ways. Organizations have resumed working from home as the COVID-19 virus shows no signs of stoppage. This has pushed BPO leaders to reform and introduce processes that support remote working. Today, inbound/outbound call center services ensure business continuity in a remote working environment.

Robotic automation and Artificial Intelligence

The call center outsourcing sector relies on cutting-edge technology to achieve efficiency and excellence. Call center technology has helped BPOs handle repetitive and tedious tasks more efficiently, from chatbot-based live chat support services to voice automation. Robotic process automation is introduced in the healthcare industry to ease the burden on healthcare staff. Healthcare BPO providers leverage AI and automation to enhance data confidentiality, improve revenue cycles, and offer improved services.

Experts from different corners of the globe—under one roof

Large MNCs and blue-chip companies look forward to outsourced BPO services because they get expert services under one roof. BPO companies are now hiring the best employees from across the globe. With work-at-home coming to the forefront, the boundaries have opened for BPO recruitment. They hire the best agents for the BPO voice process so that the best support is just a call away. Companies can save on recruiting, hiring, and training the best employees. Employees’ travel and safety will be unaffected. Call center outsourcing can lead to bigger savings and instant access to proficient services.BPO companies will follow suit and have employees that are skilled and well-educated.

Greater usage of social media management in BPO

Social media management is essential for businesses that need B2C support, like eCommerce and retail. Social media is one of the most well-paid and significant business tools. However, social media usage in the BPO sector is not widely seen. An eCommerce call center provides social media management as a service to create engagement and better understand customers. It gives businesses a cost-effective and efficient way to understand the pulse of the target audience.

Powerful communication tools and omnichannel solutions

One of the top BPO trends for the year 2021 is more robust communication. Tools and omnichannel solutions that facilitate seamless communication are highly in demand. An omnichannel system in BPO leads to unified communication across all channels, which benefits both BPO and customers by improving CX.

Increased transparency in BPO-client relations

Transparency is the key to business success. When a business outsources a service, it wants a clear picture of how the BPO performs. Thus, in 2021, the BPO sector will invest more in workforce management systems, CRM solutions, performance trackers, call center outsourcing metrics, and other tools that bring transparency to a business partnership. Besides, transparency in BPO nonvoice processes and back-office services, pricing and policies, SLAs, and contracts increased to gain trust and ensure satisfaction.

Partner with Fusion to Take Advantage of 2021 Outsourcing Trends

Outsourcing and partnership are all about trust. BPO trends shaping 2021 are intended to make the services more efficient, advanced, and customer-centric. Fusion CX offers transparent BPO services to its clients for every industry vertical, ensuring greater trust and better performance.

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