Telemarketing Outsourcing: The Secret To Running A Successful Business

call center outsourcing

Before success, businesses have to accept that they can’t do it all. An entrepreneur or a CEO probably loses peace of mind trying to make the company more successful. Irrespective of the market crisis and economic slowdown, you want your business to grow and increase profit margins. You want your targets to meet and sometimes, you want a job to be done even if it needs extra working hours. But, overloading your resources can put unjustified pressure on the entire organizational structure, ultimately bringing down productivity. So how do you manage everything? Call center services outsourcing can be the right solution.

It involves dispersing non-core BPO services to qualified agencies responsible for maintaining smooth workflows and boosting sales.

Speaking of BPO services, the most outsourced functions are telemarketing and live chat support. Companies outsource telemarketing call center services because it requires a structured approach, updated technology, and metrics to measure the results. On the other hand, live chat provides real-time issue resolution while ensuring a high customer satisfaction rate.

Specialized services from industry experts

There are varied services that come under telemarketing support – appointment fixing, inbound support, lead generation, telephonic survey, telesales and in some cases, pre-and post-sales support. While telemarketing might be the broader catchword, it requires skilled market analysts, accountants, and calling agents. Only an outsourcing BPO service provider has all the wrenches under its hood to provide telemarketing services beneficial for your business.

How to know if outsourced telemarketing is beneficial for your company?

There are no rules of thumb when it comes to marketing. Different companies use different marketing strategies. Some work, some don’t. There is an experimental phase for every new process and marketing technique. However, a seasoned telemarketing call center service provider will help you with the right campaign and strategy after understanding your business.

Telemarketing is more than just making calls to a list of data. Today, most companies hire third-party telemarketing services because they are part of their marketing mix combined with social marketing and digital channels. Some outbound voice campaigns also rely on BPO chat process because it is easy to deal with an angry customer through blended support.

If your business is trying to deal with any of these issues, then you should think of outsourcing telemarketing services:

  • Losing existing customers
    For any business, customer retention is an important success factor. While acquiring customers may be an exciting chapter, customer retention begins post-purchase. This is the chapter that includes providing value to ensure sustainable business development. A BPO company can help with customer retention marketing over multiple channels, primarily, phone.
  • Failing to manage time and resource effectively
    If your business has too many ongoing activities in the air, they will start to fall. Outsourcing inbound and outbound call center services free up time for your internal employees. Generally, call centers leverage automation and AI to make managing time and resources easy as pie.
  • Looking to boost sales target
    One key reason companies outsource telemarketing is they want to improve sales. There are telemarketing programs run by BPO providers that generate potential leads.

How can different industries benefit from telemarketing outsourcing?

  • Ecommerce
    When you hire an ecommerce call center, your internal employees can focus on closing transactions, shipping to new destinations, add new products to help your business. And your call center partner can provide answering services, order tracking and managing, post-sales support, and pursue new leads.
  • Healthcare
    Call center services for healthcare is not just limited to telemarketing and telesales. They also include live chat support services for excellent patient support. Healthcare is one such sector that must provide 24/7 support for patients. While live chat support takes care of that part, telemarketing is used by medical offices, pharmacies and insurance firms to sell products, follow up on insurance renewals, or simply collecting outstanding debts. A modern-day Healthcare BPO like Fusion CX can provide all-round support.
  • Utility
    For most Energy and Utility companies, running outbound telemarketing campaigns to pitch a new scheme or ask new customers to subscribe is a difficult task. Call center service providers like Fusion CX specializes in running voice campaigns and non-voice processes for the utility sector to boost sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Financial Services
    Financial institutions provide banking and credit services. So, they need technology and skills to run their operations. Luckily, BPO financial services providers validate and append prospective data and deliver better sales results. In the meanwhile, the core team can work towards improving operations.

Why Choose Fusion CX For Telemarketing?

Fusion CX’s telemarketing services can work wonders for your business. We nestle the best-in-class technology and pool of talents from different parts of the world. Here at Fusion CX, we offer a range of telemarketing call center services such as database selling services, survey calling, B2B or B2C cold calling service, lead generation, appointment setting, post-sales support, and so on. If you want result-driven telemarketing services for your business, give us a call now!


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