Reasons and Remedies of Employee Disengagement

employee disengagement

Disengaged employees have always been a major issue in the BPO industry. If employees are not fully engaged in their tasks, they tend to under perform. This may cost the company dearly. That is not all, the disengaged agents are often the first ones to jump ship causing the high level of attrition often seen at call centers.

With such major effects on call center performance, employee engagement should not be taken lightly. Steps ought to be taken to prevent disengagement at all costs.

Fusion CX has faced similar problems in the past and has found that a number of things trigger disengagement. Want to know about them? let’s dig in.

  1. Lack of recognition – When an agent’s good deeds go unnoticed or the Supervisors do not re agonize their high-quality performance; the Agent tends to feel dejected and disheartened.  This may lead to a dip in his/her morale.
  2. Repetitive work – Call center work is more or less repetitive and it’s easy to lose interest in the work.  As a result, employees become less engaged.
  3. Unpleasant co-worker or Supervisor – Supervisors are often the number one cause of employee attrition. Unpleasant co-workers too can affect employee engagement.
  4. Lack of advancement – According to many, the chance of advancement and learning new skills are slim in a call center environment. Add to it the repetitive functions and you will find that the employees may find it hard to stay engaged for a long time.

Now, what can a call center do to improve the situation? Well, a business can handle numerous problems, while the others they cannot. Take the repetitive work for example, a problem no call center can solve. As for the other issues, appropriate measures can be taken.

Here are a few practical solutions to assuage employee disengagement.

  • Recognize every effort: – when an employee makes sincere effort to excel on the job, the effort has to be recognized individually and in team meetings.  By doing so, a company will ensure that no good performance or innovation goes unnoticed and at the same time, other employees tend to be motivated.
  • Maintain a healthy work environment:- A healthy work environment can solve a host of problems.  If an employee is treated well by his/her Supervisor and colleagues, his/her morale will boost and it will eventually make him/her more engaged.
  • Hold the Managers accountable:- when the Managers are held accountable for disengagement and attrition, they are more likely to take initiatives regarding employee engagement.
  • Let the HR department take initiative:- to keep the work environment interesting even when the work itself is repetitive, the HR department needs to make a sincere effort. The effort can be as simple as occasional team luncheon or Intra-organization quiz competition. Anything that keeps things interesting on the work front, will engage the employees and be welcome ones.
  • Help the agents learn new skills – allow the agents to learn new skills that will not only make their task easier but also help them in their future endeavours. It can be as simple as  learning advanced excel lessons to learning a new language. This will not only assist the employees in improving their performance but also will keep them engaged. An enhanced skill set will also help an employee grow within an organization.

These are a few ways fusion tackles its employee disengagement problem.  So far, these small changes have worked wonders in our favor.

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