Ritesh Chakraborty

Chief Service Officer

Ritesh Chakraborty serves as the Chief Service Officer at Fusion CX, where he has been a critical figure since Jan 2004. His tenure at Fusion CX is marked by significant contributions to enhancing service delivery and client satisfaction, underlining his expertise in operational management and customer service. Before joining Fusion CX, Ritesh held the position of Vice President at O'Currance Teleservices Inc., showcasing his leadership skills and strategic insights in the BPO sector.

Ritesh's career is characterized by a strong focus on improving customer experience and operational efficiencies. His leadership style is proactive and results-oriented, aimed at fostering a culture of excellence and innovation in customer service. His approach has been instrumental in driving Fusion CX's reputation as a leader in service quality.

In his role at Fusion CX, Ritesh continues to leverage his extensive experience in the BPO industry, shaping the company's strategies to meet the evolving market demands. His commitment to delivering exceptional service and his ability to lead high-performing teams are crucial in maintaining Fusion CX's competitive edge in outsourcing.