From pre-sale inquiries & purchase assistance to Collection and Revenue Management, at Fusion CX, we help you deliver complete and satisfactory customer engagements across multiple communication channels. Our comprehensive automotive call center services and customized solutions can help you provide prompt and convenient resolutions to your customers’ unique problems.

Top Call Center Solutions For The Automotive Industry In The USA, Europe, Asia, & Other Countries Worldwide

The automotive industry operates at a brisk pace, with increasing customer demands and choices. At Fusion CX, we can help you match the blistering pace of the industry and deliver competent customer support at every step of the customer journey. With 28+ locations across 14 countries worldwide, our massive workforce of 13,000+ skilled professionals helps us deliver customized communications to customers in over 40 international and regional languages.

In addition, our 30+ years of experience in the customer support industry has helped us curate personalized customer service outsourcing for dealerships for their location and service-specific requirements. Our customer-centric solutions will not only help your customers enjoy superior CX but also help you survive and thrive in a highly competitive industry. We deliver top-quality human engagements on every customer interaction, delivering end-to-end customer communications. This has propelled us to the top of the automotive BPO industry, earning us the reputation of being a top contact center for dealerships.

Why Should You Choose Fusion CX As Your Preferred Call Center For Dealers?

Engaging Fusion CX as your customer and client communications partner will help you access a whole list of amazing industry-specific benefits. These include:

  • 24/7 availability to help you be accessible to clients and customers round-the-clock. This will result in minimum call abandonment, helping you avoid missing out on potential leads and sales
  • Prompt and convenient resolutions to customer queries, problems, etc., to deliver customized and convenient solutions. This helps to improve customer experiences and brand loyalty
  • Professional customer service, complaints management, purchase assistance, etc., delivered by skilled professionals that have been trained to ensure superior human engagement
  • Multilingual call center for dealers for personalized customer communications in 40+ global and local languages. This enables your customers to enjoy customer support in their native languages
  • Omnichannel customer engagement across multiple communication channels, including phone calls, text messages, social media platforms, live web chats, instant messengers, emails, etc.
  • Cost-reduction in hiring and operating in-house customer service departments with inexperienced and semi-professional contact center executives
  • Complete access to industry-specific infrastructure and technology, ensuring accurate and consistent solutions across our global locations, helping you serve your global customers
  • Reduced workload for core staff, enabling them to focus better on revenue-generating activities and core responsibilities, leading to improve operational efficiency & competency and superior quality assurances
  • Superior customer experience management (CXM), resulting in amplified customer loyalties, better brand recognition & identity, improved customer retention & sales, increased revenues, etc.

The professional solutions from our contact center for dealerships will help you improve your automotive business in every manner. In addition, we will also make important contributions to help you improve your business’s core competencies. Together with our best-in-class automotive call center services, you can produce better outcomes for your customers, delivering satisfactory customer experiences in every interaction.


24/7 Customer Service

Your customers can contact a brand representative at all hours. Our 24/7 customer support outsourcing for dealerships enables your customers to have their problems addressed promptly for swift solutions.

Appointment Scheduling & Management

Our Appointments Management system can help you schedule, modify, and cancel appointments efficiently with timely real-time notifications sent to all concerned parties to ensure that scheduled appointments are completed.

Post Sale/Service Surveys

Our real-time surveys will help you determine customer experiences and satisfaction levels. Our call center solutions for the automotive industry will enable you to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

Complaints Management

Our trained experts indulge in human engagements with customers to understand customer complaints, identify core issues, and offer customized and convenient resolutions to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Recall Notifications

We communicate between service departments and customers to offer timely updates, take service requests, provide delivery estimates, etc. This will ensure clear communication and swift service deliveries to customers.

Collection Service

Our automotive call center services can help you to recover loans and collect pending payments while also improving customer experiences. This will help you generate revenues and improve brand loyalty simultaneously.

Lead Generation & Conversion

Our customer engagement activities are designed to maximize quality lead generation and conversion. This enables your business to maximize the acquisition of top customers and clients, improving your revenue generation.

Warranty Service

We help you contact customers approaching the end-of-warranty for warranty renewals, upsales, or cross-sales. This will help your revenue generation while giving your customers the best warranty coverage for their vehicles.

Loan And Lease Extensions

Our automotive call center services will help you contact customers as their loans and lease expire to discuss subsequent purchases, helping them avail the best offers while maximizing your chances of making additional sales.

Outbound Customer Winback

Our skilled and professional experts will help you win back existing customers who have decided to move on to a competitor. Our human engagements will convince these customers to continue their business with your brand.


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14 Countries
40+ Languages

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    Which automotive services can be outsourced to Fusion CX?

    At Fusion CX, we can help you with all kinds of communications with customers, clients, vendors, etc. From Lead Generation and pre-sale support to after-sale services and collections, our automotive call center services can be customized to deliver efficient and effective solutions to your business’s unique needs.

    How much does it cost to outsource contact center solutions?

    Contact center solutions do not have fixed rates. In fact, the costs of engaging professional contact center solutions from Fusion CX depend on several factors, including the services you choose, the location of the call center, volume of call center representatives, variety in communication channels, hours of operation, etc.

    Why should you choose Fusion CX as your preferred customer communication partner?

    With over 30 years in the BPO industry and a global presence in 28+ locations across 14 countries, we employ a massive workforce of more than 13,000 skilled professionals. Our global presence and massive workforce empower us to deliver superior automotive call center services in 40+ global and regional languages to your customers.