Enhance Customer Engagement and Experience with Utility call center

The rise in requests for natural disaster relief, escalating heat, and increased social unrest have put enormous pressure on energy and utility providers. To meet those needs, these companies must provide essential services and protection to their customers and communities. In addition, utility providers face complex communication challenges, such as delivering shut-off notices, making reminder calls, and offering payment arrangements for low-income customers. With utility BPO, you can meet these needs while boosting customer service efforts.

While all phone calls are essential, some are more urgent than others. For example, utility companies frequently experience gas leaks, main water breakages, and power outages. These essential infrastructure services often go unnoticed by the general public. When something goes wrong, your clients will want a way to voice their frustration. When they call amid an emergency, they won't want to wait for long. Partner with a utility call center to give them the best customer service during good and bad times.

It's common for small businesses to work seven days a week. But, even when the business is closed, providing seamless customer service is a high priority--emergencies can happen anytime. That's why partnering with a top BPO company for a utility services provider is vital; if someone calls in the early morning hours, our skilled agents will answer and provide a seamless customer experience to your customer. And because our team is available 24 hours per day, you never have to worry about callers being referred to voicemail or waiting for someone who isn't there.


Customer Service

Our Utility call center uses state-of-the-art technology to help you resolve any issues. We also provide a variety of channels through which you can request assistance.

Customer Win-back

We offer telemarketing services to assist you win back your lost customers. In addition, we can help you get your customer base back on track with proper strategy execution.

Outbound Customer Retention

We help your brand grow by developing the right strategies and channels to help it grow while improving your relationships with your customers so that you can retain them.

Third-party Verification

Aside from providing customer support and telemarketing services, we can offer third-party verification of your customer details to ensure they are up-to-date and accurate.

Lead Generation

We help you grow your business and generate more leads; that’s where our various conversion strategies come into play. These leads will increase ROI and revenue for your business.

Customer Acquisition

Did you know that more than 60% of buying decisions are made before a customer contacts you? Let us help you meet your sales goals with voice, email, and chat tools.

Outbound Renewal

We understand that securing new contracts is essential, but renewing your old contract is vital to scale your business. Our call center solutions for utility services will help you get more renewals to continue growing your business.

Quality Assurance

We use the latest tools to ensure that each service we provide is of the highest quality and complies with industry standards. Plus, our Quality Assurance agents audit calls for 100% quality assurance.





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    When safety is at stake and lives are on the line, it's essential to have a BPO Partner to help ensure things work out. Whether there are problems with agents or services, they can fix any issues.


    As customer service channels evolve, BPO can provide you with multichannel versatility. We offer voice channels, email, video chat, and virtual assistants for a customized solution that suits your needs.


    Take advantage of a premium network of customer service agents who are experts in all types of communication: from primary sales and service to emergency messaging.


    You're busy running your business, so we make it super easy to keep in touch with customers 24 hours a day, every day of the year. So you'll be able to do so wherever they live and in their native language.


    When you outsource to a nationwide network of agents, you can use them to handle seasonal spikes in your particular region specifically. This will result in more efficient work without sacrificing quality and customer service.

    Back office

    As a business, you're looking for a full-service provider, and you've found it. You'll get customer care, payment processing, and services to ensure your products and services are taken care of — all within an integrated solution.



    We help your Balkan customers achieve their satisfaction by enabling them to contact us anytime with a dedicated utility call center. This will allow them to get the best and most timely solutions to their problems.


    With industry-leading call center solutions for utility services, your customers in the Balkan region will get the affordable yet challenging customer support they need for long-term success.


    Satisfactory customer service is the key to increasing customer retention and revenue. With Fusion CX, you can guarantee top-notch customer experience management with our premium utilities call center services.


    United Kingdom

    Your customers will look out for reliable customer engagement whenever they contact you. Fusion CX provides superior-quality customer contact center services that will make every interaction a top-of-the-line experience.


    With our contact center services, you can efficiently deliver personalized customer service to your diverse clientele from any location in the country. This will also help you maintain a positive consistency and commitment to excellence in customer service.

    El Salvador

    With our customizable call center solutions for utility services, you can target and address the unique needs of your customers. You'll also enjoy the benefits of fantastic consistency in customer experience delivery.


    Provide your customers with products and services that need to be available 24/7; we're here to offer them the same service. With round-the-clock customer support, your customers will have prompt resolutions to any concerns they may have.

    The Philippines

    We can help you deliver high-quality customer support and stay on your game. Fusion CX offers scalable contact center solutions that enable you to provide prompt, accurate, and consistent customer service in every interaction.


    We use a personalized, flexible methodology to capture your customers' needs. We then determine the best solutions for their support requirements. With our top-notch expertise, you can always rely on us as your customer support partner.


    Fusion CX offers multilingual and omnichannel customer service for all your utility company needs. In addition, we serve utilities in APAC regions and beyond, so you can rely on us to provide top-notch service no matter where you are.


    United States

    Your customers deserve a great experience with your products. With Fusion CX, you'll be able to deliver that and more. In addition, we'll use all of our resources to ensure timely resolutions and seamless client integration.


    At Fusion CX, we've been supplying top-quality customer service for over three decades. Tell us about your utility company's needs and how we will provide the perfect solution tailored to your organization.


    Fusion CX is a premier contact center company. We specialize in the energy and utility industry and can help to deliver exceptional customer service that will resolve your customer's problems and improve their relationship with your brand.


    Wouldn't it be great if you could deliver consistent customer service 24/7? With our round-the-clock utility contact center services, you can provide top-quality customer support to customers in your massive customer base.



    Is there any utility service that can get outsourced?

    Utility providers who need to increase their customer service levels can benefit from contact center services for utility companies. These include lead generation and sales, inbound customer service, emergency support during disasters and outages, account receivable management and collections, and Omnichannel customer engagement.

    How does outsourcing help customers?

    Specializing in the utility industry and offering 24-hour customer support, our expert BPO services provider manages multichannel communication and resolves problems with customized scripting. Outsourcing helps customers who need answers to their queries, appointments for technician visits, and problem-solving. We can assist with many aspects of their business using customized scripts and knowledge of the customer's account.

    Is it expensive to outsource?

    Utility call centers offer cost-efficient options for utility providers. Plus, companies can choose from flexible pricing plans based on the business's size and needs. Finding the right strategy is easy whether you're a large corporation or a start-up.