Why Call Center Services for Travel Industry Is Crucial For Catering To Modern-day Travelers

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While much of 2020 have thrown the travel and hospitality sector into dismay, things have started getting back to normal gradually. Although travel limitations and lockdowns are still imposed due to the deadly COVID-19 virus, people have begun stepping out with all the necessary precautions. As a key player in the hospitality and transportation industry, you should be ready for this sudden influx when booking escalates and people want to experience the joy of travelling again. To have a defined selling point call center services for travel industry is a blessing. The selling point usually concerns keeping customers happy. The concept of outsourcing in the hospitality industry is not new. With rapid changing demands of modern-day travelers, ensuring your business develops seamlessly requires assistance from travel call centers.    

How to increase sales with inbound and outbound call center services for travel sector?

Passion and professionalism are two of the most underutilized yet effective sales tool. Experienced inbound call center services are delivered to earn customer trusts. Call center services usually include cross selling and up-selling, enquiry handling, Billing and Invoicing Support, Refunds and Claims Processing, Ticketing, Failed Bookings, Email and Chat Support, refunds, schedule changes and rebooking assistance ,reservations, loyalty program management and host of back office support services.

Customers are inclined to trust the recommendation from someone who possesses the expertise, knowledge and authenticity. It is this basic fact that has contributed to the success of a BPO company in UK and travel agents there with generated revenues of over 33 billion British pounds, recorded in 2018 (Source: Statista). Similarly, the best BPO services provider in Africa also bears much needed professionalism to evoke confidence among customers and help them take well-informed decisions about their next travel plan.  

Why should customer support services for travels be outsourced?

Travel Blog - Call centers services for travel industry

  • Improved service due to specialized, focused agents
    With inquiry handling outsourcing, agents can give customers a better service. When grievances are handled better and all inquiries are answered on a timely manner, customers will be happier with your service. They would book again from you because of your prompt and satisfactory customer service. Hospitality and transportation industry is highly competitive. In such scenarios, hiring top customer care services outsourcing provider in Jamaica and Philippines to ensure you deliver consistent, high-quality support is very essential. Many blue-chip travel companies have outsourced their customer service to countries like Jamaica and Philippines where the cost of outsourcing is low with several other favorable factors. These inquiry handling outsourcing agents and customer service teams know how to convince people and convert enquiries into leads without pushing customers to the extent of getting annoyed. 
  • Fewer mistakes because of meticulous training standards
    Call center services for hospitality industry will commit few to no mistakes because each process goes through rigorous supervision and agents go through multi-layer training. Some of the best call centers services in United States are known to do their task with little to no mistakes. This is one of the reasons why outsourcing can be beneficial for travel companies dealing with contemporary customers who are in no position to accept delays due to error from your ends.
  • Scalability to make sure every customer call is attended even during peak hours
    Peak season and low season commonly occurs in the travel sector like other sectors. But most companies find it hard to meet the sudden surge in call volumes and multichannel enquiries. Thus, hiring call center services for travel industry ensures that every customer even during odd hours. Scalability is the biggest benefit of call center services for transportation industry. Every call, email or chat will be answered with accuracy and promptness. Unlike, when it is only you and your in-house team doing it, chances of unintentional ignorance of messages or calls are common because you have to take care of core business as well.
  • Capability to deliver 24/7 customer service
    Most BPO voice and non voice process run 24/7. Voice processes for travel companies include telemarketing and customer service, whereas non voice processes include email and chat support, back office support services like accounting, loyalty program management, etc. A leading BPO company in UK will also provide you with 24/7 social media monitoring, multichannel and multilingual customer service for your travel customers. Modern-day customers are social media savvy, and there are high chances that they would show interest in your company via commenting on any post. So, you need a progressive call center services for travel industry like Fusion CX for 24/7 customer service.

Usually, a travel business has target customers who are based worldwide. Thus, being present 24/7 ensures that you cover all time zones which will increase your chances of sales. If you are looking for customer service support in multiple languages, best call centers services in United States are your best bet.     

Call center services for travel industry from a leading BPO provider are delivered from multiple locations across the world with ethnically diverse agents and a variety of options available. This means that multilingual and multicultural support is often provided so that an international customer base can be addressed, which can’t be achieved with in-house teams operating from a single location.

How to cater contemporary travelers with tech-rich travel call centers?

Technology has reduced transportation time between two places. Since the previous couple of decades, the tourism industry, holding hands with call center services for transportation industry has improved, as people have started traveling more for leisure and not just for work. With the introduction of online booking facilities for hotels and transportations, customers find it easy to plan and schedule their travel much easily and quickly. Today, a large percentage of travelers choose online booking of hotels, flights and sightseeing. Other than the work pressure brought by the digital transformation, understanding contemporary travelers is another cumbersome task. Besides, after the COVID-19 crisis, elderly persons or anyone who hasn’t book tours online before consider blended channels for booking, which include part-online self-service and part customer support services for travelers from call center agents. So, it is essential for travel companies to actively involve experienced outsourced travel call centers for:

  • Providing assistance to elderly customer who need extra care
  • Conducting customer survey for better understanding of what today’s customer’s wants, so that you can develop a self-service portal or app that actually helps them
  • Getting top-notch call center services for hospitality industry who would represent your company in the most professional manner
  • Providing highly personalized services like special consideration in the itinerary, change in travel plan or rebooking support
  • Providing timely and accurate updates and answering to their queries

Our travel habits keep changing depending on technology available to us. After the pandemic, the use of technology is going to get enhanced. In airports, in hotels and as tour guides, the era of automation could get any greater than this. Make sure you are availing the latest technology to make traveling easier than ever!    

How to help customers travel in the post COVID-19 era?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought travel to a standstill. The biggest question remains:  Will or will not travelling get back to normal? And if it starts, when and how will it impact customers travelling post COVID-19. Call center services for the travel industry have predicted these trends which will make the role of BPO voice and non voice process even more prominent.

  • Extra focus on hygiene and sanitation
  • Guests will be more likely to check on a hotel’s standards before booking or visiting
  • Changes in the reservation processes like on-spot reservations after taking thermal readings
  • Fewer crowded in common tourist locations, and more demand for offbeat locations
  • Innovation for sustainability and exclusivity that creates safe havens for slow travel
  • Cutback on sight-seeing and more demand for hotel leisure and activities

Why choose Fusion CX?

Fusion CX is a leading travel call center with more than a decade of experience and operating from 9 different locations. We understand different customer needs like no other and our latest technology and compliances are in place for catering to your contemporary travel customers’ mindset. Call us today for a quote!

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