VoIP: Taking Businesses by Storm In 2013

Voice-Over-IP (VoIP)

With the innovation of new contact center technologies, everyday businesses are opening up new channels of communication. Among all other contact center equipments, Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) is the most interesting and highly influencing technology. In the recent days, VoIP technology is no more a gimmick. The international call centers prefer VoIP to other equipments available in the market.

Why do we prefer to use VoIP technology at our call centers? Is VoIP the next big business trend of 2013?

Well, business owners have three good reasons to use VoIP at their call centers.

1) VoIP Lessens the Cost

If we look at our call center once, we will find that traditional phone services are installed in huge numbers. Those phone services runs on copper wires and are taxed or regulated by the federal, state, and local governments. The governments add surcharges and taxes, as a result of which you have to pay heavy phone bills at the end of the month. When traditional phone service is compared to the internet, it is the internet, which wins. It is free from all kind of pesky fees that adds up over time.

Research done by the Forrester Group, says that around 51% of the contact center companies are adopting VoIP, to offer better solutions to their customers. The research also affirmed that the call centers are able to lower down their transaction and communication cost by 60% to 61% in 2012. Therefore, contact center managers are keeping their hopes high in 2013.

2) VoIP Enables the Easy Way to Send Fax

IP based fax (FoIP) solutions takes about $5 per month. It helps to send and receive fax from the laptops, Smartphone and even the age-old fax machines.

Actually, IP faxing is environment-friendly equipment and reduces the need of paper and printer ink and the fax machine itself. IP faxing is a revolution and helps a business to overcome the hurdles of traditional communication equipments. It helps call center owners to save money every month. At Fusion CX, we are using VoIP and have boosted our company to gain quick and efficient reputation due to the quick fax response.

3) Use of VoIP Makes it Easy to Scale

With a traditional model of communication, it is hard to add and reduce extensions, but with VoIP, it is easy to add extensions. These extensions can be directed to any phone, across the world, allowing employees to do their work from home.

These three benefits illuminate the VoIP monitoring and bring a number of benefits to call centers. Well, VoIP has one major disadvantage, clogging networks and other performance issues can bring down the call quality.

However, you will come across VoIP solutions, which gives you, access to granular view of metrics and shows the performance level on every VoIP call, which is placed. With VoIP monitoring, you are going to stay one-step ahead in the contact center industry. Forrester Group says that 36% of the major companies are considering the implementation of the VoIP as important in the next 12 months.

Switch to the new technologies to escalate your call center performance.

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