Is IVR Able to Influence the Consumer Loyalty? – Fusion CX Says “Yes, in a Positive Way”

Consumer Loyalty

What do you mean by customer loyalty? – It is the desire of the customer to trust, consider and tolerate. This thought of customer loyalty is applicable across all verticals.

Certain industries are able to drive better consumer loyalty across different timeline. Who are these industries? – Contact centers. They are the higher driver of loyalty in different touch points on the macro level in the telecom environment better than a retail chain.

Well, we are not saying that the contact center is not the strong loyalty driver in the retail industry, but over the phone they can build bigger experience. However, the basis for consumer loyalty depends on the in-store experience, and we know that it will bring a broad smile of the face of the customers.

Well, there are issues where we usually do not lose the loyalty towards the company. Like the company to whom we rely may keep us on hold for more than half an hour and resolve the problem for a next half an hour, but still they do not lose the trust of the customer.

Moreover, there are instances where we do not have confidence on our service provider. Cable and internet work well and, we often do not have a problem with them. However, the billing and moving issues may lead to the contact centers, and their customers have a terrible contact center experiences. It drives the loyalty of the customers to a lower margin.

Installing advanced technology, contact centers want to improve their customer loyalty. Thus, the installation of IVR and Visual IVR took place. Fusion CX plays a large role in the customer’s perception of the brand and, therefore, the experience needs to be flawless. Fusion CX thus uses IVR and Visual IVR to accelerate their call center performance.

Efficiency of the IVR comes with the combination of ease and speed. The advanced IVR technologies surpass the traditional IVR models. Since, the former gives more opportunity to influence the callers with sophisticated and brand reflecting automation that increase sales and the customer experience.

According to the survey done by the Platform Voor Klantgericht Ondernemen says, that on an average 20-30% of customers are delightful in keeping up the loyalty with a particular company, yet 10-25% are still disappointing. The survey also says that the negative contact has a stronger effect than the satisfied ones.

With the use of IVR technologies, the performance of the call center has boosted. Take a look at the table below for further details:

Type of Customers
Customer Satisfaction
Customer Loyalty
Happy Customers 76% 92%
Neutral & Positive Customers 63% 82%
Disappointed Customers 45% 59%
Angry Customers 19% 45%

Fusion CX believes in the motto – “Positive the Customer Contacts, Stronger the Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty. “

Fusion CX makes the automated experience seamless and thus our callers are more willing to buy. This helps to increase our customer trust, and if our customer is frustrated, the automated part of the call won’t increase the frustration level.

Thus, for a positive experience and better consumer loyalty, Fusion CX gives thumbs up for IVR solutions.

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