6 Ways Call Centers Can Save With a VoIP

Call Centers Can Save With a VoIP

Call centers have migrated towards the IPS (Internet Phone Services) over the years, do you know? Why call centers trying to have a leap from the traditional phones?  Just for two reasons – limited features and the installation charges are comparatively high.

With a broadband internet connection, they are getting advanced communication features. Medium to small call centers make 70% of these huge purchases as compared to the big business owners.

Since, communication is the lifeblood of the call centers irrespective of their size, so BPO executives are reluctant to adopt innovative technologies that will increase their productivity and popularity gradually.

It was in the 1990s that VoIP started to grow, and now it is the highly reliable solution for the call centers pertaining to an outstanding call quality. The VoIP are hosted by a reliable service provider and are cheaper than the traditional phone systems. Doesn’t that sound good? No installation charge, no long distance charges, you are just going to save a lot on your phone bill.

Here, in this article Fusion CXites are going to share the surefire ways by which the installation of VoIP helps call centers to save money.

  1. It becomes easier to reduce the PBX maintenance and upgrade costs

You have to maintain older telephones based on the PBX systems at frequent intervals to ensure proper functioning. Call centers have to operate the system at their own self, which at times is quite expensive. Have you ever calculated that you spend around 75% of your operation cost to system administration and technical support? While the rest 25% is spent on security management, insurance, power, planning etc.

As soon as you switch over to a hosted VoIP solution, you can just dismantle the OBX. No maintenance charge, as your service provider is going to take all the responsibility. You have to pay an affordable monthly fee that allows managing the long-term cost. When VoIP will need an upgrade, the service provider will push it out to the system adding charges to monthly fees. (You have to pay quite a nominal amount)

Moreover, you can also eliminate the consultant fees and thus your IT staff can focus on the business initiatives instead of looking over those outdated phone systems.

Fusion CX’s Advice: Bid goodbye to those PBX that spoils hours after hours for general upgrade. It’s time to change your call center outlook with hosted VoIP solutions from today.

  1. Hosted solution enables quick changes

You know that the traditional PBX is difficult to change and grow. You might end up purchasing more than you need. When you do not need to add employees or change the set up, you have to pay additional charges to the service provider, or have to hire the outside consultant to have the transition.

VoIP solution is such an instant cloud-hosted solution, where you can make changes anytime. Sometimes providers give you the passage to add lines simply by logging into the users account. You do not need to move the employee from one place to another, just plug and unplug the phone.

Web-based management system is easy to set up and modify into the auto groups, voicemail boxes, and other features. And guess what, you do not need to contract or hire an IT consultant for that.

Fusion CX’s Advice: Great aspect that call center owners will love to embrace, the self-managing capability and easy administration.

  1. It helps to lower the monthly phone bill

Many call centers distribute their workforce according to the customer base. It means, you have to get a separate phone system at different locations, including tools, long distance calls, international calls etc. You have to manage mass bills with various local and long distance service providers. You are certainly going to get confused under such a chaotic situation.

When you migrate to a hosted VoIP solution, you are going to reduce all the cost and can streamline the service contracts. As the hosted solution gives you the opportunity to unite all the locations and workers under the same telephony system, so you can cut back a large amount on your monthly bills.

Fusion CX’s Advice: Pay just 10% of the bill that you used to pay the months before installation.

  1. Reduce the long distance charges

The use of cell phones for business calls is at times expensive especially when you have to make long distance calls. Just by installing the Hosted VoIP solution, you can reduce the call charges to a comparative low price.

Fusion CX’s Advice: Reduce the monthly bill even if you make international calls. Global call center will love to embrace this technology.

  1. Enhanced phone features helps to boost the productivity

The call centers earlier had the premises-based PBX that came with basic features like voicemail and call forwarding. Only big call center were able to afford the state-of-the-art call center technologies with features like auto dialing, extension dialing, auto attendants, email notification of the voicemails, mobile apps and corporate directories.

With the advent of VoIP technology, features got sharper, and price got cheaper, isn’t that good? More than just the convenience, the VoIP phones have a positive impact on the employee productivity and the workflow efficiency. You can have double savings: you will pay less for the better phone service and rich phone features will improve your productivity.

Fusion CX’s Advice: Stay connected 24/7, that’s VoIP assure.

  1. Merging all the phone and conference services

Well this primarily one of the important thing that call center adopt to reduce the travel and training cost. They use audio conference bridges and web conferencing services. These are some of the ancillary services, which are less expensive than travelling, but add up hundreds of dollars to the monthly communication cost.

The hosted VoIP solutions help you to merge the telephone and the conferencing services, and for that, you need to pay just one affordable monthly fee to your provider.

Fusion CX’s Advice: Say Adieu to the maintenance of the premise-based PBXs.

Let’s Hit the Bottomline

What will be the bottomline when it comes to the installation of VoIP solution in the call center premises? Well, if you stick to the traditional PBX you have to pay a lot for a limited number of features. Therefore, the Fortune 500 companies have made quick profits by shifting to the use of VoIP.

At Fusion CX, we have benefited a lot and have improved the workflow and productivity at the same time. We are giving promising results to our clients and most important rewarding them with happy prospects.

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