5 Phases to Walk Towards Communication Revolution with Social CRM

Social CRM

It is becoming important for contact centers to undergo communication revolution as more and more customers connect with a brand through social channels. Love it or hate it, social media is going to have a strong impact in coming days.

Social Media is growing; well this means you have to find out where you stand so that it becomes easy to sail with the wave of the communication revolution.

With the development of the advertising business model over the social networks, integrating social CRM to business has become essential, quotes Gartner. Three years ago, experts predicted that, by 2020, Facebook and a partner might emerge as a major CRM force. However, now they claim that, by the end of the year 2016 Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will develop social media engagement applications supporting both marketing and customer service.

With this green signal in business, state-of-the-art global BPOs like Fusion CX are on the verge of adopting social CRM. Business hesitates when they think to invest in social CRM as they are unsure of definite ROI. However, Fusion CX agrees with the experts, who suggest that direct offering from platforms like Facebook and Twitter bring great value to entry level customers leading to competition between multichannel analytics.

How Social CRM Can Bring On Revolutions In Customer Communication?

In order to develop a customer focused strategy we need to balance – the customer wants with what service providers can do realistically and channels they can use to render incomparable services. With social CRM, contact centers can develop rewards program that would get customers talk to peers about their experience on the various products.

Social CRM is about growing culture and technology. It helps contact centers to get access to the whole list of tools from traditional sales force automation and customer service to social CRM tools such as Big Data management, social media monitoring and collaboration tools.

The basic tenet of social CRM that compels contact centers to join the wave of communication revolution say – “it  is the buyer and not the seller who controls the conversation and this cultural change is adhesive for business process outsourcing, as outsourcers mainly focuses on strengthening customer-to-business bonding.”

Five Phases That Contact Centers Has To Adopt For Integrating Social CRM

Here, we are going to outline five stages that global contact centers need to adopt to integrate social CRM in their business processing module.

  • Your Business needs to be Present

This is the first stage where your business starts listening to the conversation and feels for different social media options. This is the juncture when call centers may take advantage of existing monitoring and analytics, or use the free tools to track down company or brand mentions on behalf of their B2B clients.

  • Analysis of Different Social Media Platforms

Now it is time to dip your toe into the social media channels in small fragments. It is not a departmental plan or a budget rather a part of marketing or PR where you need to involve your customer service. At the most, you need to establish the social media guidelines within the contact centers and strictly follow them. It is necessary to create goals and relate metrics at this point to expand social media engagement in the later phase.

  • Expanding the Social Media Presence

In the third stage, contact centers need to engage actively in the social media ecosystem. As social media often driven by budget and human resource needs, it starts to attain a corporate recognition. With the use of dedicated resources, contact centers need to lay down a social media contingency plan to handle issues in the case of emergency.

  • Integrating Social Media Across All Sectors

It has become a necessity to spread social media access to a variety of areas within the business. Especially in marketing, sales and customer service, the demand of social media is quite high. At contact centers, we are going to turn towards social media more and more as a reliable source of communication. This will helps us to have an integrated approach to client’s business and have a sophisticated brand monitoring.

  • Start A Social Business

This is the last stage where contact centers need to develop social CRM, and become more engaged across the breadth of customer touch points. At this juncture, we need to track the social media metrics and costs and render sophisticated customer support across different channel and in multiple languages.

With the use of social CRM, Fusion CX has started to change the global customer landscape. We feel that it is a tool not just to handle complaints, but it allows the customers to sculpt their own experience with the brand allowing us to bake those interactions to operation, so it all about mutual benefits.

Regardless of where we stand on the social media curve, Fusion CX focuses mainly on the increase in breadth of involvement. When it is done, we engage with customers and answer their concerns over the phone or email. Thus, it allows us to become more efficient in offering customer service to various brands belonging to different niche.

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