What Can the Outsourcing World Learn From The Tokyo Olympics

Tokyo Olympic comes as the beacon of hope amid a time when anxiety and hopelessness has devoured the whole world. As we emerge as a race from the challenges of the pandemic, the international sports event reemphasizes the fact that we are all in this together.

The Olympics have always turned adversity into success by bringing people, industries, processes, and technology together. To recognize this, the International Olympic Committee has changed the Olympic motto to fit the current situation – Faster, higher, stronger – Together! However, the specific motto of the Tokyo Games is “United by Emotion.”

At Fusion CX, we too believe in both the motto, albeit in a different context. We believe in delivering faster interactions, higher quality, and stronger brand value by working alongside our clients. We also believe that empathy is the key to better relations and greater success, including empathy as one of our core values. After all, if we cannot understand other’s pain points, how can we cater to their needs?

That got us thinking, maybe The Olympics and the outsourcing world are not that different from each other. And that we all can learn something from this international gaming event. To start with, we can imbibe the seven core values of the Olympics.


Tokyo Olympics

The Key Takeaway from the 2021 Olympics Is the Core Concepts of Tokyo Games:

Achieving Personal Best: “Striving for your personal best.”

Rather than working on a common target, if all agents offering call center services strive to achieve their personal best, we will be able to beat our targets and set a new benchmark for the brand and the agents.

Unity in Diversity: “Accepting one another.”

Unity in Diversity is one of our core values. As a company with a presence in 9 countries, we have a diverse company culture where everyone brings their uniqueness and enriches the company. We foster camaraderie and mutual respect for one another and accept all for who they are. After all, we are a company powered by human connect.

Connecting to Tomorrow: “Passing on Legacy for the future.”

A part of any brand’s success is passing on its legacy for the future. At Fusion CX, we constantly change our services, practices, and offerings to carry on the Fusion CX legacy. Apart from being a global leader in the BPO industry, we have also ventured into the foray of digital transition, which we believe will change the face of outsourcing in the future.

These are some of our takeaways from the Tokyo Olympics in 2021.

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