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Customers Happy

In the world of call centers, customer satisfaction is considered as one of the most important things that exist these days. As a result, the way call centers treated customers in the past have also changed dramatically.

For example – there were days when call centers used to get as many customers on the line as possible, causing some disappointments among the customers. Today, call centers have taken some serious measures to drive up customer satisfaction.

However, even when most call centers began to understand the importance of customer satisfaction, they faced several problems achieving their goals in 2014. According to a new report by the CFI Group, the same call centers have a very good chance to rebound somewhat in 2015.

This report from CFI group is being published for its eighth year in 2015. As per the report, not only customer satisfaction has gone up in 2014 but also there’s been a steady growth in technological advances. This made it much easier for businesses to opt for a contact center that aimed to help as many customers as possible while still ensuring that they are actually helping.

This data is derived from over 1,500 consumers spread across six major industries by the Contact Center Satisfaction Index (CCSI). In the year 2014, the CCSI reached 72 out of 100, which is a three-point increase from the result of 2013. Unfortunately, it is also the third lowest score ever since the index came into being.

It should be duly noted that with the advancement of mobile technology, more and more customers are looking for a multi-channel or Omni-channel customer experience, and a prompt and effective service. In the wake of growing consumer demand, more and more call centers are updating their technology to satisfy their clientele. They have tried numerous ways to drive 100% customer satisfaction. However, so far no one has been able to perfect their score.

However, in 2015, a majority of contact centers are working really hard to find a way to keep customers happy. As a large section of the contact center industry is aiming for a perfect customer satisfaction score, they have rolled out every type of new technology. In spite of these efforts, 57% of the contact center would rather keep on using the telephone than any other communication channels.

How much an agent at any call center can deal with a caller is also an important aspect to consider. After all, the end users are looking forward to getting answers to their questions from the operators even when the answers are not part of the script given to the agent.

In such a situation, a contact center may give the agents the power to take a decision on the spot. Having agents who care about their role and the callers are two aspects that when working together can improve the customer satisfaction immensely, which can result in better business, more sales, and a positive brand image.

Contact Center Satisfaction 2014 Infographic

Infographic Source: CFI Group

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